Luli's feelings that extend the power of Edi Rama

2023-09-02 13:00:00, Editorial CNA
Luli's feelings that extend the power of Edi Rama
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Lulzim Basha is legible. He no longer arouses any curiosity, no political fact or his action is unreadable.

And in such cases, the only sentence for a politician is "You don't do it". The flower again behaved like a parrot. He appeared before the Democrats and apologized.

He apologized to the Democrats after attacking PD, Berisha, the majority of the membership, which in fact Basha had manipulated before. Now there are a minority left.

A group of Anti-Berisists have gathered, the people of Luli's clan, supported by him, paid or even those who do not hold any office in Saliu end up in Luli.

But the question arises: Lulzim Basha apologizes for the seven times?

Apologize in the 2014 Assembly. For what? For the power of Saliu, who did not behave properly. In fact, this was the main man of Saliu's power. The three important ministerial positions, all three are scandalous.

Since the Minister of Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Transport. We recall here the scandal with the territorial waters, the scandal of the ministry with the passports and the "Rruga e Kombit", the theft proven by the High Control of the State.

Apologize for the loss of 2017. For what?

Luli's feelings that extend the power of Edi Rama
Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha, the agreement

He took them himself, put the democrats in the tent, tortured them, made a deal with Rama. He also took several ministers, began bargaining with the prime minister, power and millions of euros for his family members.

In 2021, he again apologized to the Democrats. He lost, extended Rama's mandate, gave him the third and to give him the fourth what is he not doing.

The problem does not lie in the fact that Luli expelled Saliu. No at all. Luli wanted to be at the head of the PD to continue negotiations with the prime minister to extend the latter's mandate.

Luli did not want to become prime minister, although the democrats supported him, they gave him everything simply and only for him to be elected.

Now he acts as if he is no longer the first as if this will bring big changes.

In fact all hopefuls should know. Luli has nothing to do. Simply and only in the event that there will be some elections, will he get a deputy's mandate and enter the government with Edi Rama or be the political factor in the game to be able to bargain with the prime minister and hold the opposition hostage for as long as possible .

Luli's feelings that extend the power of Edi Rama

That's what Luli is doing and it doesn't hurt anyone. Luli is simply a politician of the past who is a man accused of corruption, the scandalous minister of January 21, the man who for 10 years did not receive from the PD and the opposition and what he did not receive for 8 years in power.

So, for almost 18 years, Lulzim Basha has been taking and only taking from DP, ministerial posts, party chairman, mayor and now he comes out and apologizes. What are you apologizing for? No one believes Luli's excuses anymore.

Luli is just an incompetent and a failure who doesn't know how to do anything. And the speeches he makes, those who write to him, repeat the same words.

Open and see what he said in the previous Assemblies to understand who Lulzim Basha's level is. And for the situation in which PD is in, the main and only responsible person is Lulzim Basha , because he was never an actor and a factor, but has already turned into a representative of a minority who want to hold the opposition hostage./ CNA


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