Tiger reporters!

2023-07-23 13:14:00, Editorial CNA
Tiger reporters!
Arben Ahmetaj

The strategy ordered and implemented from Vienna by the associates of Mirel Mërtir, by journalists, who were paid with the money that the latter and the incinerator companies received from the taxes of the poor Albanians, is already very readable.

A media strategy, to fill their minds that most of the journalists who talk about the incinerators are paid by Arben Ahmetaj.

So today, after 7 years of writings, denunciations about the incinerators by many journalists and many media, all those who spoke without restraint even when Arben Ahmetaj was a minister and was deputy prime minister, he paid them or Tigri paid them.

Tiger reporters!
Arben Ahmetaj

So, Tigri paid these journalists to attack Mirel Mërtir to put Tigri in jail and this alibi started a few months ago after Rilindja and journalists paid by incinerators made a well-controlled and multi-commanded political attack against the former deputy prime minister, number two of the Rama government.

At that time, some of the media that are cheaper and that are not hostage to the incinerators and do not take command from the media "Gebelsi" office of Rilindah or Mireli reports that it was clear that the incinerators would be covered with the Tigri, so the Tigri is attacked, the incinerators were made by the Tigris, the journalists would be silent, they would support this game of the government and everything would be closed.

Mireli, who is called Mirel or Klodian Mërtiri, also escaped here. The latter did not have his name on the market officially as in the accusation. But in November last year, he was called the "brain" of the incinerators. So things got complicated.

Tiger reporters!
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Propaganda already has two lines, the official line of the government that is trying to manage the explosive situation after the explosion of the incinerator scandal, but also the investigative file by Arben Ahmetaj and another line that is controlled by Mirel Mërtiri who thinks that by spreading "fake news" he will stop journalists from talking to those who think differently, accusing once that Lali buys them, once that Tigri buys them, once that the other buys them, when in the case of consequences of some journalists about incinerators is to be applauded and admired.

But these tricksters, little journalistic kaffirs, think that by hitting below the belt, with blackmail and intrigue, they will stop the journalists or intimidate the prosecutors, but they are making a big mistake, they don't understand that they are not in the role of a journalist, but in the role of an accomplice in crime, they are hiding the truth and not that you are punished for spreading "fake news" or insults, for that there are hundreds of lawsuits in the Prosecutor's Office and the courts for these bashibuzuks of incinerators, but knowing that they slander and lie do not go, they do not appear in justice.

On the other hand, in this case we are not simply talking about slander and insults for lies or that someone's reputation is lowered or someone else's reputation is lowered, this does not matter at all, in this case they should learn that they are accomplices in crime.

The files are there, yes, it's true. There is an investigation into the media and journalists, and the media and journalists who were paid by the incinerators are under investigation.

This is the fact. We will see who Arben Ahmetaj pays, who Arben Ahmetaj buys and sells, or who Mirel Mërtiri buys and sells, who Klodian Zoto buys and sells, who the media gang of incinerators buys and sells or invents in the coming weeks after SPAK speaks publicly and officially.

Tiger reporters!

Everything they say and distribute is a blackmail, a trap set for public opinion to hit journalists, to say that Erion Veliaj is attacking Arben Ahmetaj, that Arben Ahmetaj pays them, while on the other hand they pay Erion Veliaj to attack Arben Ahmetaj or the government itself has made a group that falls on them or these, these are schemes that seek simply and only to reduce the weight they have in the media market of a number of journalists.

Tiger reporters!

But no matter how much the infidels of the incinerator service or the government and Lal of the municipality blackmail them, after a few weeks we will hear the full truth about what happened to the Tirana incinerator and how many journalists are under investigation for financial gain or going as far as to commit a crime such as cooperation to distort the truth or to hide the crime of the incinerators./ CNA.al


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