Arben Ahmetaj, the useful culprit

2023-07-12 15:26:00, Editorial Sami Neza

Arben Ahmetaj, the useful culprit

The escape of the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Albanian government after SPAK requested his arrest is one of the moments of reflection about the depth of the penalty that may have caught the high administration and important government offices. Arben Ahmetaj cannot face the charges, while by escaping he somehow amnesties all his associates by renouncing to testify.

Lawyers throughout the investigation or trial process will focus only on defending their client without being able to provide a context profile.

So, many elements will be left out that Ahmetaj's testimony or defense would place at the center of the judicial 'spectacle'. Based on the few statements that he has given in relation to the issue, expectations have been high for a boom of names up to the prime minister as being involved in the biggest procedure of absorbing money as a function of corruption.

He would not be a traitor but only an avenger since for more than a year he has been attacked from the trenches where he himself has been since 1997. The batteries against him have come from the offices of the incinerators themselves, the government offices and the media supplied with money by the incinerators , even most of those media where the monthly salary reached 240 million lek as much as a CEO on Wall Street.

His testimony would be important even with the emphasis of innocence from beginning to end for the very qualities that the accusation against him carries, at least as far as it is public until now.

SPAK's summary charge against Ahmetaj contains some data and investigative perspectives that have not been encountered before in other similar investigations.

First, in the indictment, it is accused of initiating legal or regulatory acts in function of corruption, which is a moment of reflection for all actors of the community. Ahmetaj and the team around him, including the government cabinet, have succeeded in capturing the state in function of the illegal benefit of money.

Arben Ahmetaj, the useful culprit

It has been widely suspected and often debated about the possibility that there are custom laws, while finally in the accusation of SPAK we see it materialized in at least 4 cases, in the amendment of two laws and two resolutions of the Council of Ministers.

The guide that leads to these types of decision-making would be very attractive to be understood by all while the crime in this case is like a postman moving from business to administrations, decision-making offices, government meetings and the team that prepares them, parliamentary committees especially those of the economy and laws, those who decide on the agenda of the assembly's work, the presidency of the Assembly and the senior administration that prepares the acts.

We will understand how the rest of us are ensnared by the mechanism that unfolds before our eyes bewildered by misunderstanding and the optical effects of false transparency, like the illusions of pools of water in the middle of the desert.

Secondly, for the first time we have a named accused for the incinerator of Tirana who continues publicly, as if it were a concert of the municipality in Skënderbej Square, to steal the money of Albanians in the most impudent form based on the principle that theft It's not theft for everyone, as long as everyone sees it, everyone sees it and no one takes the money, then they have given approval. The direct accusation about the incinerator of Tirana makes it inevitable to investigate one by one the actors in this other affair, part of a mega-affair which, even without the others, has the characteristics of a mega-affair.

Ahmetaj's testimony on this occasion was the icing on the cake. And he seems to have missed the opportunity to be the most useful culprit in the history of Albania's transition by saving the country from the recycling of some thieves for whom Albania is a big tender that should not be divided by tender but by concession or investment agency strategic, and when a tender is needed to amend the procurement law, to the point of stealing even the tips of the ears and the eyelashes of our mother Albania.

Thirdly, SPAK's accusation against Ahmetaj in the letter that was sent to the Assembly establishes another moment that is not only related to Ahmetaj but with an honest structure within the scum of the Renaissance that still has a black face on the one hand but also respect for citizens' money on the other hand.

High officials in the government have refused to be involved in the scenario of the incinerators or have announced about the illegality of the process. So there were five officials who did not stab the leader in the back. But the leader avoided this category, removed them, dismissed them, as was the case of minister Shkelqim Cani. He kept close those who, as he says, stabbed him in the back. And this not only in one case but in several cases, what turns the leader's decision-making in favor of the infidels and against the angels into a habit. Why did such a useful decision-making become a habit for corruption? Either the leader is addicted to the output of the knife behind the back, which means money, power, votes in elections, or he has problems of the intelligentsia. Nor does the latter excuse him even if he captured the leader.

17:15 Editorial Ardi Stefa


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