What we learned thanks to Belind Kelliçi

2023-05-29 22:50:00, Editorial Hysni Gurra
What we learned thanks to Belind Kelliçi
Belind Kelliçi

If the 36-year-old who came to Parliament, breaking the quota, did not leave the mandate of the deputy to enter the most unequal race in the history of the 32-year elections to win Tirana, we would not learn some truths.

If it wasn't for Belind Këlliçi, even today we wouldn't know that in the capital of Albania there are areas with 50,000 to 70,000 inhabitants that don't have a nursery school or a school.

He left the comfort of the parliament just 2 years after he had won by breaking the odds and went down to the field.

Despite the censorship, the residents of Tirana, and not only, were reminded that they pay three times for drinking water and there is still no water 24 hours a day.

If it wasn't for Belind Kelliçi, we wouldn't learn that beyond the center of Tirana with lamps, there is an infrastructure to cry trouble and asphalt wouldn't be poured every night for 2 months on the four sides of the capital.

If it weren't for Belind Kelliçi, no one would talk about the scandalous conditions of urban transport. At first they laughed at the idea of ??free urban planning for citizens, then they opposed it and finally they started to do the calculations.

Belind entered the battle like David before Goliath. He received over 100,000 votes, although 80% of the time he was censored by the media and in front of him was not only the machinery of the public administration, but also the jaws of those who, together with the current mayor, grind for the same stomach.

Kelliçi was the candidate who imposed a program in the campaign. Although not with the best possible staff and advisors, he bore the brunt of it by going out neighborhood to neighborhood and alley to alley talking to everyone.

The standards of elections (theft, pre-purchase, pressure, alienation) are not the subject of this note, but Belindi is offering standards in the post campaign as well.

Every day he is meeting people thanking them and expressing gratitude. He was not discouraged, but he continues to work.

In this race, Tirana has lost the opportunity to have a chief servant without any stain and full of dedication, coming out of a model race (Primaries) and not appointed by the party chairman, but politics has undoubtedly gained a "new wolf". which wounds only strengthen.

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