Note/ Edi Rama fell into usta!

2023-07-05 13:57:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
Note/ Edi Rama fell into usta!
Prime Minister Edi Rama

Prime Minister Edi Rama, who has been acting as the leader of the Balkans for several years, today received a strong slap from the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti.

In fact, the approach to Albini in Albania is different, but for a long time the majority, not only of the people of Kosovo, but also of the Albanians, who live in Albania, are constantly giving the right to Albini.

Firstly, for his stability, secondly for the belief he has created that he is an uncaught and free man and thirdly for the fact that he is behaving like a master towards Edi Rama.

Edi Rama seems to be breaking his nose with Albin Kurti and is no longer the regional leader.

He used to say that he would lead the Open Balkans and that it was an important process, in fact the opposition asked him to follow the Berlin process.

After the Open Balkan failed with Vu?i? on his side and Abazovi? because Albin Kurti abandoned him and left him aside in the corner, Edi Rama left the Open Balkan and went to the Berlin Process.

He has been doing this for the last two days and to be fair, he said that he will make a tour regarding this action of his.

So, the political justification, according to him, the Open Balkans did its job. In fact, the Open Balkans did not do any work because it was never opened, simply and only some agreements, some of which are not implemented.

But, on the other hand, Albin Kurti appears.

Albin Kurti is Prime Minister Rama's usta, and indeed Rama seems to have fallen into an usta. In a good, true, fair and just as honest and tough usta in every step of his since the first day he collided with Edi Rama.

Albini "beyond the motherland" knows how to behave well with Rama, knows how to show him who the partnership is.

First, Edi Rama behaved like a gendarme for Kosovo, he became the leader, the negotiator, did you say he was the one who decided above all, but in fact Kosovo has a prime minister, it has its own government, it has its own leaders who decide and Rama is nothing before them and Albin Kurti showed this very well.

He showed it to our prime minister today by breaking his glasses, telling him that he had canceled a meeting of governments for no reason, simply and only for his pleasures and appetites, for his own nose that Albini had to implement what Edi said and his friends and those of Soros.

Albini did not listen to him, abandoned the verbal violence of the Albanian Prime Minister and after destroying the Open Balkans, Albini has already put Rama in a corner of the ring and is throwing political punches at him without stopping.

Today, Albini told him that he will not wait for Rama, failing the Prime Minister's tour.

Whatever was the success of Edi Rama with his movement through the Balkans, in Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo, when Kosovo will not receive him, half of the nation will not receive him, when the prime minister of half the nation will do not wait for him and will not accompany Edi Rama.

Why? Because the latter canceled the meetings of the governments, behaved like a gendarme towards Albin Kurti, and Albini with full dignity said to him today: Edi Rama, turn around and correct the mistake you made, continue with the meetings of the governments and then you are welcome.

Nobody will wait for Edi Rama in Kosovo, who will go as a gendarme, as a commander, but Albini said today publicly that he will not wait for Edi Rama, but will leave him in a corner aside, where he deserves it because of his arrogant behavior, because of his verbal violence towards Kosovo, towards the citizens of Kosovo and behaving like a gendarme of the Balkans, like a great leader who after peace and kisses with Vu?i? could use Kosovo for his political benefits in Europe.

In fact, Albin Kurti is an usta for Edi Rama and Edi Rama became a real usta.

He will now be left with his finger in his mouth, since in Kosovo, the prime minister of the country, the prime minister of half of Albania, will not welcome Edi Rama, since the latter treated Kosovo as if he had the spoils of war and now the answer of received from Albini himself.

Kosovo is not a spoil of war. It cannot be used by Edi Rama for his personal shopping, but can simply and only be respected as a partnership and Rama as a partner.

Rama does not want to be a partner, he will be a gendarme. Well, today there is no gendarme, because this time Rama fell to the usta./ CNA


17:15 Editorial Ardi Stefa


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