Diplomatic service as "exile of cuckoos" 

2023-06-23 20:25:00, Editorial Xhovan Shyti

Diplomatic service as "exile of cuckoos" 

While previously it was the Foreign Policy Committee of the Parliament that considered the list of 12 names of candidates proposed by the government to serve in diplomatic headquarters abroad, the following days the Council of Albanian Ambassadors (KASH) reacted by giving an assessment regarding this act initiated by a government decision, approved by the majority that owns the parliamentary Foreign Committee and that has to be finalized with the unanimous approval of the majority, that also owns the majority of parliamentary cards. The guarantee for the transition to the respective parliamentary session, without any change, of the list of 12 names is stated as a preface because, during these 10 years of ownership of the majority of the cards from "Rilindja", there is no case that the representatives of this majority have opposed the Rama government's decision-making.

No chance, none!

After the approval by the parliamentary majority and the signature by the President, who does not know how to say "no" to the majority that appointed him to the position he never dreamed of, it will happen that the twelve selected from the Rama list will change their statutes from candidates to full-fledged ambassadors of of the Republic of Albania in the first 12 countries where persons who exercise their duties in complete violation of the law continue to serve as ambassadors and consuls. People who for years stayed in those positions without being replaced, who exercise any kind of activity other than the diplomacy for which they are paid. This stems from the incompetence derived from the appointment not according to the skills and the fulfillment of the professional criteria, not from the competitive selection, but from the high degree of political militancy and the personal interests of the women.

There are many articles, media reports and denunciations that prove that the countless years of the stay of Albanian ambassadors and consuls in diplomatic headquarters abroad have transformed the fleet of our diplomacy into "Cuckoos". In a structure that, similar to the former Albanian refugees of the years after the communist takeover, does nothing but blah blah blah and does not produce any diplomatic yield. Which is verified by the fact that Albania's credentials in the world are at the same quotas, why not lower than those of the period when the country was governed by Nano, Berisha, etc. their ilk. 

Internal sources of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in confidentiality, affirm that for years the level of representative diplomacy has been weak, but, especially in these last ten years, it has improved at an ordinary level. Not because of the functional illiteracy in the field of diplomacy that the majority of those in charge of work individually carry, but because the ambassadors and consuls representing the Albanian state are appointed by name. Medemek to be found in that job as a reward and not because they are suitable for it. On the other hand, it turns out that even that part that possesses the ability, that is, that has deserved the appointment, has lost its instinct due to the excessive length of time in office, which, in addition to being a violation of the law, also cultivates familiarity with the representative country and loss diplomatic level. 

See how the structure of our diplomatic missions is currently presented, ten years after the government of the "renaissance" Rama. The data is reported by the Council of Ambassadors: "Out of 56 ambassadors and general consuls that our country has, 50 of them have exceeded the legal terms of stay in a single country up to three times! There are also some who have been serving abroad in several diplomatic missions for over 15 years in a row, without returning to the Motherland. In this regard, we have no competitors among countries that are members or not of the UN! Even more worrying is the fact that more than 10 other ambassadors have reached the retirement age, although in our diplomatic service there are many diplomats with over 20 years of experience who could very well replace the aforementioned.

This happened while the Law "On Diplomatic Service", amended by this parliamentary majority in 2015, clearly defines that the legal term of office abroad for an Ambassador or Consul General is 3 years. After this period, she/he is appointed to another country or returns to the Motherland. Something that has not happened and apparently will be delayed, considering that, as in other important sectors, the list of "selected" candidates must be drawn up and approved by Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The list of the first 12 candidates for the "reform" of our diplomatic service, proposed by the government, is an ominous signal that predicts the continuation of the old strategy where Njeshi vetoes, while the collegiality of the law "On the diplomatic service" remains a formal act. Confirming this painful truth is the Council of Ambassadors, which, in the above-mentioned statement, states that: "Looking at the specific names, KASH expresses concern that 10 of the 12 candidates for ambassadors who were heard and in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Assembly come from outside the diplomatic service, from the political field, from other departments, and even from abroad. Excluding any dignitaries of the Assembly and other prominent politicians who may be considered suitable for this important diplomatic mission, others are due to public perceptions that these appointments are more of rewards and rewards for various party services. This negatively affects their future image and performance in the countries where they will be accredited.” 

"These appointments are rather rewards and rewards for various party services". This conclusion of the Council of Ambassadors is sufficient to come to the conclusion that if the same will continue to be present and in the further selection of 40 other ambassadors, it is certain that our diplomatic service will continue to be "cuckoos". distributed in 56 countries of the world. Where the only section of our diplomacy, functioning at full capacity, is the "civil status" consular section that offers internships against payments.

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