What is happening in Kosovo, in short

2023-05-31 16:36:00, Editorial CNA

What is happening in Kosovo, in short

The events in Kosovo have shocked public opinion, not only in Albania, but around the world. Europe, the USA, are all worried about what is happening in Kosovo.

In fact, we are explaining in a few words what is happening in Kosovo for everyone to understand.

Local elections were held in Kosovo, where in municipalities with a Serbian majority, Serbian political parties did not participate and boycotted the elections.

Albanian political parties, a Serbian party and an independent candidate from the Serbian community participated in the election, which were involved in the campaign and did not respect the decision of President Vucic and his order from Serbia, but the elections were held with a percentage the new mayors of the municipalities were elected with a small number of votes.

After the elections, the municipalities must have their mayors in office, those elected with those votes, as few as they were, but who respected the law and the elections, they do nothing more and nothing less, they are going to take their offices and to exercise the duty.

The conflict is taking place to stop the mayors of municipalities elected in free, fair and universally accepted elections.

We emphasize that the local elections that took place in the north of Kosovo were recognized and accepted by the EU, the USA and all international factors and actors.

So, what is happening in Kosovo is simple, the new mayors of municipalities where there is a Serbian majority, are going to their offices and are being violently prevented by some paramilitary and criminal groups from exercising their duties.

A group of thugs, policemen, paramilitaries and others, ordered by anti-Albanian circles, by hot-blooded people who want to incite riots and wars in the Balkans, go and block the mayors from starting their duties, to enforce the law, go and violate the KFOR forces. it, the forces of NATO and the international factor are violating, shamefully all the fingers have been pointed at the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, who is seeking to put the elected constitutional institutions into operation.

In fact, it is the EU, the USA and the entire international factor that said that the elections in the north should be held, they recognized these elections, that is, they recognized the legitimate mayors of the municipalities and now these elected mayors are going to office.

This has happened. Meanwhile, a bunch of thugs have come forward and don't allow them to go to their office.

It's the same as what happened in Albania in 2019. Lulzim Basha boycotted the 2019 elections and tried to disrupt the elections when he didn't go, he started playing the clarinet.

Today we would be the same as if Luli, after the new mayors of municipalities in Albania were elected, after his boycott, had gathered his militants, paid paramilitary thugs and came to violate the security forces and institutions, so that he would not allow to enter the office of mayors elected by the people's vote, by the vote of the citizens, by the vote of the voters.

This has also happened in Kosovo.

Citizens went, voted, elected their mayors, the mayors are going to take office and a bunch of thugs and thugs are making the situation tense, as they don't want to allow the mayors to be in charge.

In short, this is what happened in Kosovo and nothing more than that. It is the same international factors that until yesterday recognized the elections of the new mayors and now everyone is pointing the finger at Prime Minister Kurti, and no one is talking about the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, his behavior, the bandits he has sent to Kosovo , the paramilitary troops and the crime they are trying to commit by violating and taking hostage the institutions in the north of Kosovo./ CNA.al

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