The ridiculous rector that a university does not need

2023-06-26 19:43:00, Editorial CNA

The ridiculous rector that a university does not need

It happens that we unfortunately hear in 2023 that you can also find funny rectors. There are cases that lead to disgust beyond laughter with the acts they do every day.

One such case is Dhimitër Bello, the rector of the University of Korça , for reasons that are often not found, but which are actually related to his career, to his future, to the way he will manage the university, to the usurpation by he behaved like a sultan, with a hammer in his hand, and instead of a rector and academic administrator, he has turned into an angry man who wants to destroy the university of Korça.

In his right or not, in a meeting of the senate of the University of Korça three days ago, he requested the merger of the university of this city and its return to a subsidiary of the University of Tirana.

The argument is the lack of students in some branches.

In fact, the University of Korça should add branches, correct them, change the curricula, find sisters in Europe to make internationally recognized diplomas and others like these and not close and surrender because a person who is the rector wants to continue his career by calling the University of Korça a subsidiary.

Korça had an important agricultural institute many decades ago, which today is a faculty of agronomy, and then the faculty of Teaching, Economics and others like these.

But Mr. Bello, who is the rector, wants to merge it with his political techniques or tactics. Brought to Korça by Rilindja as a hope that would bring the development of the university, because he wants to have the whip over the institution and being in open conflict with the senate of the university, Mr. Bello did his trick 3 days ago .

The trick of Mr. Bello was that when he sent the agenda to the meeting, at the end he put one point among others and in the other point he requested the merger of the University of Korça and its transfer to a subsidiary of the University of Tirana.

So, the most important point, the most important issue, what should have been the first, the essential one, is left at the end. Although there must be several steps to get to the senate and the decision that was taken 3 days ago is no longer of any value, as there must be consultations, other level discussions until the decision to bring the university to closure or its transfer in the subsidiary. It cannot be a rector, who makes a proposal on other points and some people follow behind.

Another meeting was held today, where rector Dhimitër Bello put his "shoulders against the wall" and the entire senate was against the proposal he made 3 days ago, calling it invalid, wrong and more than the transition to a subsidiary, they all unanimously demand that the university have a reformation, have a different approach, find ways out of a "crisis" or a solution to a problem.

And at the end of the meeting, Mr. Bello, when he went out, said that he resigned from his resignation.

This is funny but incredible for an academic to do.

During the meeting, Mr. Dhimitër Bello said that he was tired and declared that he has resigned as rector of the university, that's enough, since the entire senate was against him. While when he came out, he apparently changed his mind and told reporters that it was a resignation in the heat of the moment and it couldn't be true.

So, Mr. Bello today tendered his resignation and showed us how a chancellor can turn into a destroyer of a university and a ridiculous person to the point of disgust, but which brings consequences not simply and only on a university, but on a city whole, on the young people of that city or other areas that study and on the history of the University of Korça, which is worth much more and has more weight than the name of an individual who, because of his or his mother-in-law's anger, goes to the miller, or even worse, he sets the house on fire for the flea in the quilt./ CNA.al

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