About "enemies" and who issues the opposition certificate

2023-07-17 18:54:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO

About "enemies" and who issues the opposition certificate

A kind of controlled opposition, a kind of divided opposition, a kind of opposition that can be done by anyone who actually wants to maintain its monopoly, unfortunately not simply and only with political representation, but also with the media.

There are many cases when individuals, journalists, free citizens, who use social networks give their frequent oppositional opinions.

So, they are in opposition with the municipality of the city where they live, in Tirana mainly with Erion Veliaj, they are in opposition with the Government, they denounce, write, give opinions about certain issues, but many of them, unfortunately, are attacked, anathema and expelled also the thesis that they are serving Lal or the Government, that by attacking them a lot and making a strong opposition on a certain issue and by repeating it, you inadvertently do honor to the mayor or worse still accuse them of being the mayor of the municipality or the Government pays you to distribute this type of information that cannot go to the opposition audience, but goes through criticism.

Unfortunately, this is also done by mediocre journalists of the media controlled by the official and unofficial PD mainly, even from the building where the doctor lives, they also work in the media of the opposition voice, including even mediocre journalists, who never in their life they have not done journalism, at most they have given some news edition, or they have done some interview, because they do not know journalism, they simply and only know the collar, after they have settled in Tirana, in some television studio because of the charm that gave them a positive feeling any television owner.

About "enemies" and who issues the opposition certificate

These individuals who are part of the opposition court, want to speak as they want and this is a concept that was born in the court of the opposition, in the court of the Democratic Party, even when he was together, even when Berisha was "kissing" Luli or elected president for the third time in July 2021.

According to them, you have to speak when they want and you have to speak as they want, because they have the monopoly of the opposition. It's them and no one else.

Even though you can be a critical voice, you can be an "enemy" with the Government, with Erion Veliaj, to oppose, to speak, for them you are an enemy, just as you are for the other side, because they announce you, precisely those who they want to have control of the opposition media monopoly, of the opposition voice. If you are in the opposition, you have to be what they want, or else you are an enemy of the opposition.

About "enemies" and who issues the opposition certificate

You cannot be an oppositionist as you think as a free citizen, or you cannot be an opposition journalist, which is the duty of every journalist to be an opponent and to be free, because they did not give you permission, they make you an enemy because they think they have the opposition certificate, but they don't have the seal.

Even if they take it, there is no problem. The electronic certificate belongs to them, they give everything, they put the signature and seal. It should be done as they say and when they want it. This group, these individuals, this political concept, or nothing, you are the enemy.

You are an enemy if you did not see their form, even though you speak differently. You are an enemy because they did not give you the electronic certificate of the opposition. You become an oppositionist only if they give you the certificate as a journalist, as a citizen, and as a free activist.

There are many individuals who appear in the media, speak, stand out, activists, etc., but are attacked, accused, because they have to pass from the certificate of the opposition given by these voices of the opposition yard, or the mentality of an outdated opposition that unfortunately as a symbol has a name, Sali Berisha.

About "enemies" and who issues the opposition certificate

Perhaps he has been more liberal in dealing with this scum down there who looks up to the example up there and gets even worse.

For years, many individuals, activists have suffered this kind of approach of the opposition and they have returned it to the opposition, because they have been declared enemies of the opposition, even though they are critical voices and strong opponents of the government and the mayor of Tirana.

They represent one of the worst models, because these individuals with editorials and other oddities cause the opposition to be abandoned by the people in silence, because they can never accept the free man and the free man definitely leaves.

We are faced with the fact that the citizen supports the opposition, while the opposition hunts him down. Where has this been seen and heard? Simply and only in the final there is one goal, which is the monopoly of the opposition.

This was done by Lulzim Basha, under the education of the doctor without any discussion.

Many of those in the doctor's and Luli's court are still doing this today, although Luli may not have anyone in the court.

About "enemies" and who issues the opposition certificate

Even when people have no political ambitions, but simply have an oppositional spirit, they attack and accuse him. It is not enough for journalists or free citizens with an opposition spirit to attack, slander, abuse the Government or the demotivation built in the Prime Minister's building, but they must also face an opposition, which unfortunately seeks to kill opposition voices, to declare them enemies. , because he is not controlling them, because they are not speaking when the "command" of the opposition media voice wants, or as I pointed out above, a bunch of foolish individuals, who have never been journalists and have never been free citizens , but they were mercenaries of TV channels and after putting on the collar, they think that they are a developed opposition brain, which in fact we saw with Luli these 10 years and we are watching with those who are around the doctor.

Every citizen should be an oppositionist, every journalist should be an oppositionist, but another type of oppositionist has been born in Albania, the owner of the voice of the opposition. Unfortunately, this is also an example of how Albanian democracy has been deformed, where not only the government and the majority seek to dictate, but the opposition is also required to dictate./ CNA.al

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