The "Ahmetaj" case proves that the "revolution" has failed!

2023-07-14 12:21:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO

The "Ahmetaj" case proves that the "revolution" has failed!

The majority today is looking to cut off a head that they are selling for the king, and it seems that no one in the ranks of the majority is bothering to analyze more than that.

To begin with, we must analyze the "Ahmetaj" case, from the point of view of how the Prosecutor's Office used to act, which we all agree was a failure, and how SPAK acts today!

The prosecutor's office used to arrest people, then find out what they had done. SPAK has acted the same! SPAK acts the same regularly! In the past, the Prosecutor's Office used different or opposite standards for identical cases.

Today we have a person in the Assembly hall, sentenced to prison by the court, Deputy Salianjin, who continues to be tried in a free state and today votes for the removal of Ahmetaj's immunity.

Ahmetaj is only accused by the Prosecutor's Office and he is being requested to be arrested and house checked!

Two standards are clashing today in the Assembly!

But beware!

The prosecution filed its charges after searching Ahmetaj's apartment without authorization from the Assembly and found a mobile phone there. Ahmetaj's cell phone was seized without procedure, without authorization from the Assembly, but this does not prevent the stars of the NEW PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE from supporting the charge on the material found on that cell phone.

The law recognizes the control of the apartment and the physical control of a deputy when he is in flagrante delicto. The deputy can even be arrested when he is in flagrante delicto. (Like Chechua, you mean Rama!)

In what flagrant conditions was Ahmetaj when his apartment was searched?

Why didn't the prosecutor's office check Rrahman Rrahja's apartment after the beating in Fushë-Kruja? After all, where better than in the father's house can the son hide? Where better than in the shelter with immunity of the brother can the brother be sheltered!!! If the prosecution is asked about this gross negligence, after which today we have at least two violent criminals on the run, they will justify that they could not enter without authorization from the Assembly!

Here are two other standards from the same prosecutor's office.

The sentence that the lawyer Visha had written in the material that he submitted to the Assembly was gigantic.

"Either the king's head is gone, or you must accept the failure of the revolution."

"Either you will cut off Ahmetaj's head for statistics, or you have to accept the failure of the justice reform."

This is the predicament that has caught the deputies of the majority today.

Ahmetaj should be arrested for intimidating witnesses, says SPAK!

What guarantee did Salianji give to the prosecution that he has no plans to intimidate the witnesses?

Meanwhile, he has been postponing hearings for 3 years!

If Salianji was in prison, the sessions in the Court would not be postponed endlessly, because the prisoner himself would not be interested in being extended.

Ahmetaj in prison?

Very much agree if Salianji would have been arrested and imprisoned.

Ahmetajt, housing inspection without Parliament authorization?

Very much agree if Rrahja's apartment would also have been searched in flagrante delicto.

Albania is a parliamentary republic, not a republic of magistrates!

Immunity is not an instrument for the protection of the MP, it is an instrument for the protection of the INSTITUTION.

If this is going to be the modus operandi of the prosecution from now on, between the double standard and the reading of the standard at will, then the public opinion, the media and the political class must react now.

The incompetence that sounds like fraud with which the gang that has captured or that directs the prosecution is operating risks turning into a boomerang for the whole society.

No one understands why SPAK asked for a session with closed doors!

There is only 1 reason why SPAK prosecutors wanted the cameras off. They are unable to face at least Ahmetaj's defense lawyers. Professionally, the lawyers of the accused excelled even behind closed doors.

The reform in justice had as its first goal the restoration of public trust in justice.

If these SPAK-ars are the stars promised by the new justice system, not behind closed doors, but for the "Ahmetaj" case, they should have requested a hearing with open doors for the public.

There is nothing hidden in those materials that SPAK officially submitted to the Assembly. Those materials do not contain anything that, in SPAK's opinion, should constitute an investigative secret.

SPAK had the standard answer ready: we cannot answer because it is an investigative secret.

So why did the New Justice heroes need closed doors?

It does not happen so often that in similar cases the public opinion is so pregnant with the conviction that Ahmetaj is a thief!

I mean SPAK also had public opinion with it!

Why did SPAK want the cameras turned off for public opinion?

Public opinion supports them in the fight against corruption.

Why are they hiding from the public when they want to fight corruption?

It must be said that Arben Ahmetaj's relationship with Claude of the incinerators is extremely compromising for his position.

But SPAK cannot be guided by popular perception.

It should copy the evidence, not package perception with journalistic analysis and formulate accusations in them!

The problem with SPAK is that if it follows the evidence, it burns half the government.

SPAK is not enforcing the law. SPAK has broken the investigation for the incinerators!

And it is behaving like an arresting power, exploiting the climate and abusing powers.

What is SPAK doing? Are you learning with Ahmetaj? To go where?

How does SPAK choose to learn the hand? Is the Assembly a lesson for SPAK?

Why didn't he choose to learn the hand with Salianj?

We may not all agree on whether Rama is controlling SPAK.

But if these members of SPAK do not act mainly under professional self-censorship, then it is evident that someone is controlling SPAK. On the path that has started, the day is not far when SPAK or the gang that is controlling SPAK today, will take over the state, and through it, power, decision-making, concessions, other state contracts, lists for deputies, etc.

Is this the reform that we should not admit has failed?

The opposition, on the other hand, makes its own stale propaganda. They don't understand why they scream.

Instead of asking Rama to clarify to the Albanians if he wants them to vote for him so that he can take as much time as he wants and whenever he wants to express his talent in the Albanian language, or to govern, they wander among the propaganda his voice thickened like a capadain.

The public opinion must be clarified that Rama cannot hide endlessly behind the expression: whoever eats pears should go where he belongs.

A Prime Minister who sees his associates lined up one after the other "where they belong" because they are caught eating pears, is either a big pear, or incapable of government.

The opposition should crush the justification that Rama raises and not pretend to be angry because they don't believe it.

And it's simple!

If Rama's collaborators take him for lolo, why should Albanians take him for prime minister?

Rama may not have SPAK under control, but the prime minister has dozens of administrative control instruments in his hands to understand what is happening around him!

Despite all the noise about the incinerators, Rama never became curious, never had doubts, never had any questions about any of his collaborators. He did not suspect that someone was eating pears!

The Prime Minister has at least the anti-corruption structure at his service. Regularly receive any copies of HSC reports.

There is no report initiated by Rama's anti-corruption structure!

At least in the story of the incinerators, Rama is either a pawn or a pawn, according to the excuse he gives.

In any case, it is no longer for the prime minister and the minimum must be redirected to the Albanians to vote for him ahead of time.

Ahmetaj's fate, with or without immunity, is fulfilled! Facing justice is no longer in doubt, whether Ahmetaj is present or not.

The issue is different!

SPAK declares that it captured 500,000 euros stolen from the incinerators. According to SPAK, they are listed as assets seized from Ahmetaj.

We are taking these 500,000 euros for granted to SPAK.

Come on, we are also adding the 500 euros that SPAK says were spent on a hotel for Gjiknur.

We accept without comment that SPAK found where 500,500 euros went.

Is SPAK making fun of Albanians? Does SPAK know how much the incinerator affair costs?

As in the "Koka" case, also in the "Ahmetaj" case, SPAK put its hand in Teri's pocket and went back to the incinerators.

The incinerator affair does not start in Terri's or Ben's pocket.

If SPAK wanted to do an investigation, the investigation should start from the bag of incinerators and follow the money to the last pocket.

But SPAK, just like the former prosecutor's office that was paid 5 times less, has chosen to stick its nose and smell only in certain pockets, and not to touch or investigate the big bag.

With the logic of checking the pockets, why doesn't SPAK stick its nose into the pocket of Gjiknur, Lali Eri, Agac, Rama, and all the officials who have touched even once with hand, any paper related to incinerators.

Why doesn't SPAK investigate what pushed Lali Er to assume the powers of the Municipal Council with pure abuse of office?

Why doesn't SPAK investigate the pockets of Finance Ministers who have been in office every time there has been a change of ownership over the concessionaire's quotas?

But SPAK cannot do this. Because SPAK wants statistics, while what Albanians want is called Justice.

We are talking about justice, not about finding a head as a sacrifice so that we are not forced to publicly say the "investigative secret" that everyone already knows: Re(forma)volution has failed!/ CNA.al

17:15 Editorial Ardi Stefa


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