Shkelqim Cani, the minister who changed his mind on the road regularly

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Shkelqim Cani, the minister who changed his mind on the road regularly
Former Minister of Finance, Shkëlqim Cani

Today SPAK has called for the umpteenth time to interrogate former minister Shkëlqim Cani.

The character Cani remains the most interesting figure of all Prime Minister Rama's cabinets.

What is noticeable in all the practices that are currently in the hands of the prosecution is the change in Cani's attitudes.

Both in the practices of incinerators and in the latest sterilization concession, Cani started with long and rambling response letters and then in the third or fourth letter he expressed his agreement in principle.

What happened to Shkëlqim Cani who changed his mind on the way?

What happened to Shkëlqim Cani that the Eurobond procedures for which he drew up a report for half of the staff of the Ministry of Finance, parallel to the report, he developed the same procedures for the renewal of the Eurobond!?

At least Shkëlqim Cani in that case committed the criminal offense of false report.

But that story was successfully forgotten by all the protagonists and villains that Cani victimized.

Today, entire pages are coming to light with the explanations of the positions of Rama's ministers regarding the 3 incinerator files and recently regarding the practice of sterilization.

Why did Çim Cani, with the first answers, express himself against with whole pages of arguments and in the end agree in principle, when nothing changed.

Were Cani's answers a reflection of the exemplary official or texts thrown as bargains for the party or parties that Cani knew very well who they were?

With his first letter in response to the sterilization concession, Shkëlqim Cani has practically overturned the concession.

Whereas with the last letter, Çim Cani simply asks that the requests (which Çimi knew well what they were), do not fix any problems from the list of those issues that are actually the competence of the Minister of Finance.

Shkelqim Cani, the minister who changed his mind on the road regularly

Çim Cani will be remembered as the governor in whose era the famous banknote tender took place. That tender ended in the prosecutor's office of the time.

From that criminal process, Çim Cani, with the coldness of a delinquent, sent Dhame Pite, the Deputy Governor, behind bars.

Dhame Pitja died shortly after being released from prison.

The prosecution of the time never found (because it never checked in Governor Cani's drawer), the memo sent by the legal director of the Bank of Albania informing Cani of the procedural violations, asking Cani in his capacity as governor to intervene directly by suspending, canceling or authorizing the continuation of the process.

To which deputy will Cani pass the responsibility this time?

At the time when Cani was Minister, there were 2 deputy ministers:

- Ervin Mete, who is the son of the notorious ex-prosecutor Bilbil Mete


- Erjon Luçi, the son of a former infamous lecturer at the Faculty of Economics.

Once Çim Cani found Dhame Pite as the judge responsible for the violations, because as Çim says: "I am not a judge".

Of the 2 former deputy ministers, Ervin Mete is a lawyer.

The grass has a lifeline./ CNA

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