Mero Baze, the official version of the incinerators and the Rilindja brotherhood

2023-08-06 15:20:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO

Mero Baze, the official version of the incinerators and the Rilindja brotherhood

In his editorial, in the newspaper "Tema", Mero Baze, who is known as one of the most ardent supporters of Prime Minister Edi Rama and Rilindja, has finally accepted the official version somewhat close to the truth about the incinerators, the affair of the century in Albania. Unlike the media gang, Baze points out what is happening, but avoids what happened and why this affair was protected.

After they denied it, after they advertised corruption and theft with incinerators, a version is now accepted that will most likely change from the Renaissance, but which has more than half truths inside.

In the version given by Mero Baze, there are two points , the first, what has happened so far with the incinerators, is interpreted as a fight between the brothers and it seems that the parties are asked not to publish pieces of news, after their fight. So, in the first point, corruption and the affair is called a clash of thieves, which the government and Tirana Municipality did not see, but allowed them to steal, forge, evade, make partnerships with the media, and bring advertisements to Mero. The names of the brothers are known, Mireli with Arben Ahmetaj and Klodi brother with Mireli, and so on the whole state of brothers who are fighting, some with command from Vienna, and some with command from Tirana. Brotherhood Renaissance!

Baze writes, " What has happened so far is that the characters of the incinerators, who in the beginning were brothers with each other and then they fought because they did not share things well, now continue the war against each other, distributing pieces of news and facts, which only serve to create political events with incinerators. Berisha is now with a pair of them, and hopes to postpone the August heat with them".

Furthermore, Mero Baze tries to relativize the positions of the media, calling them divided into two parties and mainly political. In fact there are 3, the whistleblowers who stayed, bought by the incinerators on the way (including those who went months ago and recently to Vienna), and the pious servants of power who are on the payroll from the beginning. In no case is value given to impartial investigation and denunciation, the first ones did not move are few, but they are a fact.

Baze serves (knowingly or unknowingly) as a propaganda instrument of Mirel Mërtir, who from Vienna commands paid writings and propaganda that those who write about the incinerators, pay "Tigri" or Monika, tools of Saliu, corrupt, fine to the incinerator , and others like these that fortunately no one believed, on the contrary, with the behavior they had deepened the pit for the brothers of the incinerators . One of the brothers in the fight is investing in destroying the other brother, who was Rama's right hand, without talking about Mireli's love with Veliaj. The drowned man is going to drown his brother, he drowned himself, the media and risks drowning the power itself, leading the country to early elections.

Baze writes: " If you look at the press, it is also divided. Some media that have been big beneficiaries of advertisements and sponsorships from the incinerators, after 2018, are simultaneously denunciators of Arben Ahmetaj and shout for a war against the corruption of the incinerators, without mentioning much of their owners .

At the point of the media, there are still partial truths, but not complete. Baze guards the colleagues of the incinerators, "Top" and Bolino are fighting allegedly for the corruption of the incinerators, billing Ahmetaj and Zoto, again this same line sponsored by Mërtiri and he is not mentioned by anyone. Here Mero finds two pairs of media, these against Ahmetaj and those of Saliu recently, while the affair has been denounced non-stop by many media and other journalists for more than 4 years. Mero's half-truth is untrue.

They are not attacking the incinerator affair by accusing Ahmetaj, they are serving the Renaissance of Ahmetaj, Rama, Veliaj and Mirel Mërtir and Klodian Zoto, to save what they can from the millions of euros of the incinerator affair.

Mero may know some of the information of Mërtir's meetings in Vienna, "the incinerators are good, see what a commendable job with waste treatment, the incinerators were done by Zoto and Ahmetaj, long live Lali and Rama", these were told to some journalists, who have met the Martyr, some bought to bark, and some paid to keep silent.

Millions of euros have been received by the media, some have also been paid as bribes against the prosecutors of SPAK, to divert the investigation to save Mirel, which in fact until these steps has brought to light the real owners and very little of their great atrocities with the media the hungry ones who tore like hyenas the money stolen from the taxes of poor Albanians.

The affair of the incinerators does not begin and end with the fighting brothers or the divided media, it does not begin and end in Tirana and these are facts that even Mero denies.

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