Why doesn't "friend" Leka Bungo speak?

2023-07-30 19:55:00, Editorial CNA

Why doesn't "friend" Leka Bungo speak?

We are addressing the "successful" actor, director Leka Bungo with the term friend.

We call him friend because, in fact, for some time now he has been in charge of the Steering Council of RTSH and his behavior during these times has been like that of a former Party First Secretary or Committee Chairman.

Leka Bungo went to RTSH and clashed with former director Thoma Gëllçi, with his staff, he wanted to run RTSH.

It seemed as if Thomai was guilty, but then he ended up in handcuffs after accusations from SPAK etc.
On the other hand, after the departure of Thoma Gëllçi, Enkeljd Joti comes to the head of RTSH, with a different nature and character, with a great experience in management, but again Leka did not find it comfortable.

About a year and a half ago, when director Joti went and started reforming the institution, the staff, the structures, etc., the reaction of "comrade" Leka began with daily writings of Rilindja where he found space, protected those he wanted to keep at work or he attacked the director for his interests in the car, the driver and even the light of the office that is probably the only one in Albania that stays open 24 hours, that is the one in Leka.

I don't even close the light switch, but at that time, after writing and writing and debates, Leka Bungo claimed to protect the truth and the right, the staff, the reforms that were being carried out, by carrying letters, asking for information, holding meetings and so on. in a row.

In fact, he simply and only wanted him to be the director of RTSH, while the person who was appointed to this position was the notary of Leka.

"Comrade" Bungo is showing this today with the actions that are taking place.

Mass layoffs have started in RTSH for some time, experienced people, not only those who were hired by Enkeljd Joti, but also previously employed people who have been working in RTSH for decades, have left their jobs.
But Leka Bungo has not yet said a word, there is no public reaction from him about the mass vacations and resignations that are happening at RTSH.

Para një viti e gjysëm çfarë nuk tha e nuk bëri dhe atëhere ndoshta me të drejtën e tij, por sot po hesht nuk po thotë asnë fjalë.

Nuk reagon edhe kur drejtori aktual i çon emërimet, nuk i hap telefonin, nuk i përgjigjet apo ka urdhëruar që askush të mos i ngrejë telefonin në RTSH Leka Bungos dhe të mos i japë përgjigje apo raportime, pa folur për zyrat e protokollit dhe drejtorë të tjerë të cilët shpesh Leka i përdorte për të marrë informacion para se të shkonte në detyrë Alfred Peza.

Kur ishte drejtor dikush tjetër, një vit e gjysëm më parë që filloi një reformë “të vogël” në RTSH, Leka Bungo ulëriste ditë pas dite. Sot që po ikën gjithë televizioni, po largohen drejtues, menaxherë, profesionistë, Leka Bungo po hesht.

Çfarë e ka bërë të heshtë Lekën e famshëm, aq energjik dhe aq të fortë në luftën ndaj korrupsionit në RTSH?

Incompetent people fleeing, or what? Or are the right people leaving and Alfred Peza is no longer asking Leka Bungo? And the latter, since he has a yellow card, as they say in the corridors of RTSH, is now afraid to speak after he had a conflict with two directors and the third one seems to have come to the hack.

The third comes and the truth. He doesn't ask her at all, he takes her to the corner, but Leka doesn't talk even when there are violations of the law, abuse of office, layoffs and other such things.

But maybe it would be good to listen to Leka's voice, not to answer us, but to tell the truth about the new director.

Is this the most bully or Leka himself has been a bully all along?

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