Realtor Ducka and the McGonigal scandal/ When SPAK will start investigations

2023-08-16 19:00:00, Editorial CNA
Realtor Ducka and the McGonigal scandal/ When SPAK will start investigations
Dorian Ducka, the external adviser of Prime Minister Edi Rama

A scandal beyond the borders of Albania, involving a senior FBI official, Mr. McGonigal, who was reported by the media yesterday that he had his deal with prosecutors to confess to the legal violation he had committed in order to serve of the Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska.

The MGoinigal case is not simple and only something related to these influences, but it also goes to Albania, it goes to the highest levels of the Albanian state.

McGonigal is bailing himself out of jail, he's making a deal, and in the US, someone is taking responsibility without allowing the scandal to break out, but to investigate everything that happened underneath, what instruments were used, who are the people involved to see how that wall of security and guarantee that US institutions have collapsed.

Albanians, a businessman, Agron Neza, and Dorian Duçka, a relative of Ilir Neta who was also an advisor to Prime Minister Edi Rama, also appear in this affair.

Ducka is sold in Tirana as an individual with strong diplomatic ties, as a great mind, lobbyist or realtor in the Albanian language, as a man with diplomatic relations like no other, who has opportunities, contacts, as was the case until Mr. McGonigal.

But what happens after what happened yesterday in the USA?

It is readable, it is enough to look at such cases as the event continues. It doesn't need a lot of guesswork, it doesn't need a lot of invention like a lot of the media is doing.

After Mr. McGonigal continues his confessions without lying a single word or diverting the testimony, because in such cases he would lose the deal he has made with the prosecutors, the FBI, its structures and the prosecutors continue the investigations below and this has some roads.

In addition to the blacklist where the diplomats and the people involved are entered, a full investigation into the events begins to reveal the truth, who has a finger and for what?

So how did McGonigal come to Albania? Who sent it? For what interests did he come to Tirana, since someone from the street cannot go directly to the prime minister's office? Who introduced it? What are the connections? Going to Deripaska, to his interests in the oil fields in Albania, for direct contracts, which cannot avoid the responsibility of the investigation.

And if anyone thinks that the FBI or the prosecutors will throw it in the trash, they are wrong. The file comes complete, comes through the embassy and is sent to SPAK, where it is investigated.

It will simply be a matter of time, when we hear that SPAK has received the file, that it has started investigations, that it has interrogated Dorian Ducka or other persons involved in the McGonigal scandal on behalf of the US or on its own account. has exploded in the US.

Those who laugh today and think that it will never happen and nothing will happen, are the same ones who laughed even when it was written about the issue of incinerators and created all the opportunities for this criminal group, until it ran away. "they were saving their skin", but they endlessly stole the funds of poor Albanians and today they are laughing again with the McGonigal scandal, they have laughed with many other scandals as well.

Time delays, but it does not forget!

One of the names that will clarify the truth of the McGonigal scandal regarding Albania is Dorian Ducka, who is called a lobbyist, adviser or businessman, but in such cases Albanians call them real estate agents./ CNA

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