The corrupt media pocketed the money of the Albanians/ Why didn't the state move for the millions of incinerators

2023-08-15 13:39:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
The corrupt media pocketed the money of the Albanians/ Why didn't the state
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Three characters, two of whom are very active, Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto, and Stela Gugallja, were able to corrupt the entire Albanian state and the strangest thing is that they were able to benefit 170 million euros in a few years and over time when the media denounced, no one reacted.

This is the most criminal in this story, since the first articles about the incinerators date back to 2015-2016, then to 2017, but in 2019-2020, more facts about Tirana come out, since Elbasani and Fieri had large investments.

There was a commission of inquiry, but the payments never stopped. Many elusive, unbought media, away from the criminal services of the incinerators and the government, away from fines and corruption money, denounced day after day the payments made to the incinerators.

It was declared with facts and figures that the Dutch company "Paul Wurth" and the Italian "Energy Recuperator" were not in Tirana, it was declared that Mirel Mërtiri and Klodian Zoto were hiding behind the never-built incinerator in Tirana, the money paid was a very large amount and the service was not performed and no one put the water on the fire.

Nobody, no structure went to verify. Even taxes that started an investigation for VAT, which has already been caught by SPAK with fake invoices, were stopped. No structure, no municipality, no ministry went to check what was happening. No audit went inside to see how much was the amount of waste, how the process was carried out, how much the action plan was implemented according to the concession contract, which in at least the first two years required an investment of about 80 million euros. How were these contracts being implemented and what was their efficiency.

Meanwhile, we are 6 years after the signing of the contract, we are many years after the investment permit was granted, and the investment has not even reached half of the figure, but, on the contrary, it is many times less.

So, 170 million euros, media and journalists who write and report, on the other hand, the institutions and the state do not think at all and nobody reacts.


A captured power and a corrupt media managed to pay tens of millions of euros for years to a company built by Klodian Zoto, his "brain", Mirel Mërtir, who grabbed the Albanian state by the throat, grabbed choke the media and today we are facing the affair of the century, that of the incinerators, the biggest crime and theft, already proven with accusations from SPAK, where millions and millions of euros are forged invoices, fake signatures, tax evasion, theft in between of the day, where some media reported, other media made partnerships with millions of euros and filled their pockets with money of corruption, the state pretended not to listen and someone else shouted how good the incinerators were. There are others today who continue to do this, even though they are under investigation by SPAK.

The corrupt media pocketed the money of the Albanians/ Why didn't the state
Mirel Mertiri

The state was all under the feet of two characters who brought officials, ministers, deputies, journalists around by corrupting them and today many of them are behind bars, and while new arrests are expected, the incinerator affair is another case that shows how the government turns into a blind tool of corruption./ CNA


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