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How is Rama trying to escape from the scandal and noise of the incinerator affair

2023-08-23 18:20:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
How is Rama trying to escape from the scandal and noise of the incinerator
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For several weeks now, his media, the Prime Minister's propaganda or those who serve him devoutly in order to pick a bone, have been asking in various ways to close the issue of incinerators, to make it relative, to make it simple, they act as if nothing happened, some invoices were stolen, 5 million euros of fictitious invoices were stolen, it's a good thing, the landfill was done well and others like that.

How is Rama trying to escape from the scandal and noise of the incinerator
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The prime minister wanted to remove all attention from the incinerators affair after a big scandal broke him, the concession contracts turned out to be corrupt and SPAK also pointed the finger at the former deputy prime minister Ahmetaj, whose property he also investigated.

A former minister and dozens of officials have been arrested, new arrests are also expected for PPPs or concessions.

Then there was an attempt to declare a tower as a big problem, even though it had been a year or so since permission had been granted as an alleged investment by Sali Berisha. As if Saliu was behind the tower, so in 2023, after 10 years in power of Rama, Saliu invested the tower.

Lies directed by the propaganda sector, to divert attention. It was understood that the screenwriter was the former head of the DP, Lulzim Basha, but also with the gasoline thrown on the fire by Erion Veliaj.

Then an explosion controlled by SPAK, by prosecutor Edvin Kondili, in connection with the sterilization issue, where a former deputy minister and the administrator and owner of the concession company were arrested.

How is Rama trying to escape from the scandal and noise of the incinerator
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No action against Mr. Ilir Beqaj, that in fact in all the documents read from the request brought to him by the prosecutor Kondili himself to the GJKKO it is clear that abuse of office is a criminal offense committed in all cases, at least according to the data that SPAK has sent before the judge. The judge himself has asked to deepen the investigations for Beqaj and former minister Shkëlqim Cani.

Rama warns of moves in the government quietly and occasionally beyond negative news, but he needs them as news and noise at the right time.

Corruption and affairs the prime minister tends to let flow and give strength and weight to his positive news, such as that of Shpirag today or his tireless contribution during this summer season in relation to tourism in Albania from Velipoja to Ksamil , where day after day the prime minister continues to convey his good news, about the development of tourism, about the future of tourism, and the icing on the cake was a few days of vacation of Italian Prime Minister Meloni in Vlora.

The changes in the government do not seem to diminish Rama's good news that he will share, although  the incinerators, sterilization, corruption, scandals, problems remain like an ax on his head, all the concessions that some of them are probably at the end and are simply expected and only for the government to reflect, or to intervene and change these concession contracts that it has signed and get rid of the tyranny of the exploits and horrors of the concessions which are ruining every "sweetness and kindness" that our prime minister does for the motherland./ CNA


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