Ilir Beqaj, Edvin Kondili and the 100 million euro sterilization concession

2023-08-20 12:12:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
Ilir Beqaj, Edvin Kondili and the 100 million euro sterilization concession
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The former Minister of Health, Mr. Ilir Beqaj, has publicly shown his views regarding the sterilization concession, a 100 million euro affair strongly denounced by the media and the opposition.

Finally, SPAK reacted by arresting the winner of the concession and the Deputy Minister of Health.

Beqaj, in his reaction, which seems more like a note to calm the troubled soul of Mero Baze with his editorials already out of ink, that even Filip Çakuli no longer reads, has not told us anything.

Beqaj wants to tell us how good the sterilization concession is, what has benefited from this concession, the people who stay fewer days in the hospital and the doctors who speak and appreciate it.

CNA writings and reactions to the sterilization affair

CNA has made several articles, reactions, regarding the sterilization affair, where the cost and service should be divided and the found friends of Ilir Beqaj who won the concession. 

So, the sterilization service is an indispensable need for Albanian hospitals.

The sterilization service is a necessity for all patients and especially the medical staff to avoid post-operative stress, i.e. the infections that are caused, and no one disputes that sterilization is a good thing that serves both the patient and the doctor, but what Ilir What Beqaj has not told us is why his found friend should receive the concession and, secondly, why it should have that value.

Ilir Beqaj, Edvin Kondili and the 100 million euro sterilization concession
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So, we can remind Mr. Ilir Beqaj that there are official documents of the ministries, colleagues, of Mr. Beqaj regarding the ceilings that the concession should spend.

We can remind Mr. Beqaj that countries around Albania, we are bringing Macedonia, have made the same concession, but they have it at a lower cost and they have three or four different levels of sets, that is, instruments, that they use with prices and with differences much lower than Albania.

We remind Mr. Beqaj or any other passionate in his defense that the concession and its value should not be confused with service.

Edvin Kondili tries to exonerate Ilir Beqaj

Ilir Beqaj, Edvin Kondili and the 100 million euro sterilization concession

The costs, Beqaj's friends, the beneficiaries, are those who have received millions of euros from the state budget, with inflated values ??far from the reality of the market, and finally that Ilir Beqaj and others, who want to support him to save him, including here and the renaissance prosecutor in SPAK who feels he is being lynched, Ervin Kondili, we can emphasize that the investigation against the former Minister of Health has not been completed.

Kondili tried to close the file and exonerate Beqaj because even though he found trips and relationships between the winner and Mr. Beqaj, it was not investigated at all whether or not Beqaj benefited from this concession.

Is there complete corruption in the licensing of sterilization?

Without entering into the debate, should the state do it itself and did it have the capacities, as it results from the investigations where Beqaj's current colleague, Ogerta Manastirliu, has requested the implementation of sterilization at QSUT.

The incomplete investigation for Ilir Beqaj

Ilir Beqaj, Edvin Kondili and the 100 million euro sterilization concession

A full investigation has not been carried out for Ilir Beqaj. Neither he nor Edvin Kondili can deny this.

Beqaj's colleague, former minister Arben Ahmetaj, is wanted for travel, connection with Mirel Mërtir and Klodian Zoto, for suspicions about the properties benefited from the relationship between them, as SPAK demands a prison sentence, while for Ilir Beqaj it is not investigation carried out.


Are there villas in Ilir Beqaj? How has his wealth moved? Has Ilir Beqaj benefited from the relationship with Ilir Rrapaj and the sterilization concession and other concessions? Did the former Minister of Health have corrupt benefits?

This should be clarified by Edvin Kondili and this should be shown to all Albanians and for SPAK to have a standard and a truth so that Ilir Beqaj does not lie to Albanians by confusing the sterilization concession with the values ??it costs and with the possible benefits of the former - to the Minister of Health, which in such cases is called corruption./ CNA


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