Edvin Kondili, the government prosecutor!

2023-08-21 14:43:00, Editorial CNA
Edvin Kondili, the government prosecutor!
The procurator of SPAK, Edvin Kondili

The SPAK prosecutor, Edvin Kondili, who is widely known as a supporter of the majority, a man with socialist convictions and strong ties to the government, a few days ago gave all the evidence by not properly conducting the investigations regarding the former - the Minister of Health, Ilir Beqaj.

Someone calls it a lynching, someone else says that the prosecutor did his job and did not find the right evidence, but let's look at the two cases, both for ministers, people and close associates of Edi Rama.

SPAK demands the arrest of Arben Ahmetaj, Ilir Beqaj free!

Edvin Kondili, the government prosecutor!

Arben Ahmetaj, the former deputy prime minister, is suspected of having ties to the incinerator affair.

A faction file is opened after the investigation for Elbasan. Arben Ahmetaj's connections with the incinerators are not found in official documents, i.e. legally, but SPAK investigates the property.

Prosecutor Altin Dumani investigates the past, finds the properties, there are claims by SPAK that they stemmed from the relationship with the incinerators, they find plane tickets, hotels, flights, relationships between each other, but no official documents. Arben Ahmetaj did not officially sign any letter for the incinerators.

The request is taken to the court, it is requested to remove his immunity and an arrest warrant is requested for Arbe Ahmetaj.

This did not happen with the former Minister of Health Ilir Beqajn who was investigated by Edvin Kondili.

Edvin Kondili, the government prosecutor!

So, unlike Arben Ahmetaj, Ilir Beqaj has signed the concession contract or PPP of sterilization himself. It's that signature.

He was her supporter, her promoter, he was caught with plane tickets, he is known as a high school friend, he gave him support, he gave him public support in addition to dropping his signature, but Ilir Beqaj's wealth and past are not investigated.

Why? Why Edvin Kondili does not follow Altin Duman's standard?

Edvin Kondili, the government prosecutor!

There can be no justice with two standards, one of the mother and one of the stepmother.

Edvin Kondili was strongly supported by Rilindja and the majority to become the head of SPAK and lost after the US ambassador herself and the diplomatic institutions took strong positions in support of Altin Duman to prevent Rilindja from electing the head of SPAK and Duman's rival for the head of SPAK was Edvin Kondili.

Edvin Kondili, the government prosecutor!

Why doesn't Edvin Kondili do his job properly? You don't properly investigate Ilir Beqaj? Has it benefited or not? Does it justify or not the assets as happened in the case of Arben Ahmetaj or as is happening with Lefter Koka and others?

What prevents Edvin Kondil? Or maybe his entry into the prime minister's building last year in January, something has changed? Who he met, no one can say, but the entrance is a fact.

Has this influenced Kondili not to act and not to properly implement the duty and the law regarding the citizen Ilir Beqaj, the former Minister of Health? Because the precedent Beqaj, complete denial and complete failure to complete the procedure, creates a very dangerous precedent for other ministers and other officials in the investigation.

Edvin Kondili, the government prosecutor!

It cannot be the SPAK with two standards, one of Edvin Kondili of Rilindja who enters the prime minister's building and the other of Altin Duman and many former prosecutors who go to the end of the investigation.

Ilir Beqaj signed the concession contracts himself, Ilir Beqaj supported the sterilization concession which is being called a corrupt affair and Ilir Beqaj is free.

Justice must speak with facts and evidence and not by closing files and saving the real ones responsible for corruption./ CNA


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