Why does the government pay itself 29 euros/ton for the Tirana landfill

2023-08-30 14:07:00, Editorial CNA

Why does the government pay itself 29 euros/ton for the Tirana landfill

The Tirana landfill and incinerator affair is one of the biggest in the last 30 years.

The amounts are staggering. A concession contract that was no less than 300 million euros in revenue for the concession company from the Albanian state, from the government, from the Municipality of Tirana. After another 180 million euros that should have been company investments, several hundred thousand more euros that came from private businesses.

According to the company's own declarations in KKB, there are no less than 25 million euros in income per year, with a profit of about 7 million euros. So, with the increase in the number of the population and according to experts' calculations, it is about 1 billion euros in 30 years.

This is calculated according to the values ??determined by a concession contract, but also undefined ones.

What are values?

The first price is 29 euros/ton. Here is the debate. According to the concession contract and the investment plan, in the first 2-3 years there should have been up to 100 million euros of investment, which are missing. Today we are 6 years after the concession contract. Tirana's landfill and incinerator have been seized by SPAK, but there is no incinerator in Tirana.

There is no implementation plan. The company itself admits in its public statements that the investment is not more than 30 million euros.

Therefore, it has not even made the full investment of the first year according to the concession contract. The value for which the income received by the company from the Albanian state, from the government and the Municipality of Tirana was calculated is 29 euros/ton for waste.

While there is no incinerator. Why should 29 euros be paid when there is no incinerator?

Land value

The lands have an unstated value in the contract. There are different prices, 400 new lek for about 4 euros per cubic meter of soil and 8 euros per cubic meter for inert waste, where the values ??are doubled and these are paid by citizens, by people who buy apartments or invest in a new house after every type construction has an additional cost.

For the soils, which the construction businesses need for filling again, what they go and pay for from the pits they open, they have to go and buy them again at another price, which is approximately double.

Why does the government pay itself 29 euros/ton for the Tirana landfill
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This cost is undefined, but, in fact, based on the official data of the concession company, it has been 50-60 million euros in almost 6 years.

So, almost the same value that the Tirana landfill and incinerator concession company receives from the Albanian government and Tirana Municipality is the same as what it receives from private businesses.

Why should 29 euros/ton be paid?

The concession contract states that there is landfill, processing, incineration and it should cost 29 euros. But there is no incinerator in Tirana.

As we have pointed out, based on the investment plan, in the first 3 years there should be more than 100 million euros of investments, in the first two years it is at least 70 million euros and only in the first year only 40 million euros.

Why does the government pay itself 29 euros/ton for the Tirana landfill

But these did not happen. The contract clearly states it. The study clearly shows it. The investment plan is quite clear.

The company itself admits that it has invested only 30 million euros in its public announcements and does not have a full investment according to the contract. But this is something else.

Why should the state or the Albanian government or the Municipality of Tirana pay 29 euros/ton, while there is no incinerator there.

What is the reason? Will the Albanian state build an incinerator? Will the Albanian government develop the business plan sent by the concession company founded by Klodian Zoto, behind which Mirel Mërtiri is hiding, according to SPAK, as the mastermind of the incinerators?

Why does the government pay itself 29 euros/ton for the Tirana landfill

Will the Albanian government implement the investment project with 29 euros/ton, according to which 128 million euros were to be provided as an investment for its construction?

There is no incinerator. The company claims that it has invested about 30 million euros, approximately 88 million euros of investments are needed.

The Albanian government will invest 88 million euros for the Elbasan incinerator? That's why you are getting 29 euros/ton?

What is the reason that this amount has to be paid again?

And in case the project will be invested by the Albanian government, it will be financed by it, who will take it?

Is this a scenario that goes back to the footsteps of Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtir? Do they want to keep the scheme of the incinerator affair alive by keeping the price of 29 euros/ton?

The government must pay the values, but when Farudin Arapi himself, as the administrator of the Fier incinerator, states that the landfill value is 12 euros, there is no need to expect 29 euro bills when there is no incinerator and when the investment for the incinerator is not carried out and there is no business plan , but investigations by SPAK continue, which may last and the court's decision may take quite a while.

The government will build an incinerator at 29 euros per ton and will finance or pay 12 euros and make a landfill until we have a decision from the Albanian justice system.

The value of 29 euros/ton at the moment when the incinerator is missing raises many doubts that the tentacles of the incinerator affair and their money can be returned to Mirel Mërtiri, Zoto and his family.

Why does the government pay itself 29 euros/ton for the Tirana landfill

This is not only a reasonable doubt, but one that requires a quick response from the Albanian state institutions, why is it paid more than double the landfill where there is no incinerator, where the investment business plan has not been carried out.

And the state or the government does not say whether it will build the Tirana incinerator with its own money and whether it will respect a concession contract, which was actually a corrupt affair that started in Elbasan, goes to Fier and ends in Tirana./ CNA


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