The assembly of anti-SPAK defendants convenes

2024-02-11 10:22:00, Editorial CNA
The assembly of anti-SPAK defendants convenes
Archive photo - Assembly of the SP

The Socialist Party convened the Assembly, meetings that are becoming very frequent in fact. A long speech of the president of SP for 20 years, exceptions, appointments and finally Success in life.

This time an Assembly has been chosen with the organizational term. Often when there have been such political events within the SP, Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced ministerial changes, statutory changes, preparations for congresses from victory to victory and so on.

This time the Assembly of the Socialist Party can be called the Assembly of defendants against SPAK. This, for two very simple facts.

The SP defendants

The Assembly of the Socialist Party includes a group of defendants under accusation from SPAK, from the former deputy prime minister Arben Ahmetaj, who left the country, to the long-lived former minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense, full of scandals, Olta Xhaçka.

The former Minister of Health, of PPPs such as "check up", sterilization or laboratories, Mr. Ilir Beqaj, former Minister Lefter Koka, who was a deputy of the SP at the time when he was arrested and with the new rule of the Assembly 400 people.

It would be a member, the other former deputy Alqi Blako, who was a representative of the SP when he was arrested, the former minister Damian Gjiknuri who is under investigation, mayors such as Fatos Tushe, Vagjush Dako, Lefter Alla, directors of Rilindja, the first ones are those of Erion Veliaj (the mayor himself has problems with SPAK), but also many other socialist officials, who have been arrested for corruption, are under accusation, someone has been convicted and most are awaiting punishment .

They shine among themselves, but there are others who are even more important in propaganda, or in weight within the SP.

This is the part of the SPAK defendants, but it is also the anti-SPAK part. The anti-SPAK part, in the shadows and under the carpet, is schematized by Eduart Shalsi, the useful "idiot" of Rilindja, who with a group of individuals are preparing the establishment of an "Ad-Hoc" commission.

Anti-SPAK group

The Shalsi Commission consists of Klotilda Bushka, Etilda Gjonaj, Bledi Çuçi and Lindita Nikolla, while the "Ad-Hoc" commission would be headed by Fatmir Xhafaj with members Plarent Ndrecan, Ermonela Felajn, Klotilda Bushkë and Toni Gogu.

This group of individuals, which was initially announced as an anti-SPAK group, but now, apparently, seeing harsh attitudes from internationals, the waters are starting to clear up, there are steps behind.

The battle was started by another anti-SPAK-ist, Erion Veliaj, the mayor of Tirana, who has big problems in front of this institution, because of its directors behind bars, or others who are expected to be arrested, and until the fact that he himself is expected to be charged, as he remains a suspect until now.

Another anti-SPAK-ist, the one who would chair the "Ad-Hoc" commission and lead the battle against SPAK and Altin Duman, Fatmir Xhafaj, is expected to be an important person in the Assembly.

Fatmir Xhafaj is followed by Klotilda Bushka, who has undertaken the preparation of the draft for the "Ad-Hoc" commission, which in fact they now want to call a commission within the framework of integration, although the parliament has a special structure for European integration, which moreover, it is co-led by the opposition.

In this assembly will be all the escort that defended the anti-SPAK thesis and would serve in its management like Elisa Spiropali, like 99-chat, like Plarent Ndreca, Ermonela Felaj, Klotilda Bushka and Toni Gogu and also lawyers like Ulsi Manja , Etilda Gjonaj, Engjëll Agaçi, Adea Pirdeni, Bledi Çuçi and Damian Gjiknuri.

The assembly of socialists today has dozens of people, who are easily identified as persons accused by SPAK and the anti-SPAK group to save the defendants under accusation./ CNA

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