Shalsi does Shvejk/ We will not investigate SPAK, but we will control SPAK

2024-01-25 13:08:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
Shalsi does Shvejk/ We will not investigate SPAK, but we will control SPAK
Eduart Shalsi

The chairman of the informal working group, which is preparing a draft in the Assembly for the establishment of an "Ad-Hoc" commission to control independent institutions, has returned to the role of Shvejk.

Shalsi spoke again after the publication of the news by CNA, where initially Lindita Nikolla in Shengjin was told that a special structure was needed to control independent institutions, mainly SPAK, and this is where the "Ad-Hoc" commission was born.

Then the control mechanisms, said by Bledi Çuçi, the head of the parliamentary group of the SP.

Further, the appearance of Eduart Shalsi on the "Top Channel" of the incinerators and yesterday in another media, emphasizing again that there will not be an investigation for independent institutions, but there will be a control over them, increase in capacity of the Assembly and the performance they should have in the context of EU integration.

Shvejkian attitudes of Shalsi

Eduart Shalsi is known for his stances from Švejk, from the famous video that we are bringing back here, in which the incinerator declared again to "Top" about the masterful theft that would come with the power of Rilindja, up to the one that "will not we investigate, but we will control the independent institutions", denying what he accepts.

Only Shalsi can do this and no one else, appearing several times in public and repeating the same nonsense, in the same form and making what is articulated even more believable.

Scheme with "Ad-Hoc" commission

What CNA has said is that hiding behind an alleged control of independent institutions, the majority is seeking to create an "Ad-Hoc" commission to investigate SPAK, KLSH, KLGJ, KLP, The General Prosecutor's Office, all independent institutions, which have a clear legal relationship with the Parliament when they make reports, what they report, who controls them and how they are controlled.

No "Ad-Hoc" commission has the right to deal with the affairs of the prosecution, of independent institutions, because it is dealt with in special cases simply and only by creating a parliamentary investigative commission, which the Rilindash majority merged with the law, stopped.

So, an "Ad-Hoc" commission is invented, supposedly for structures, capacities, employment, etc., wanting to create a storm in the administration of independent institutions controlled by the majority and, on the other hand, to attack SPAK in its name. -u, to attack the Supreme Court, to attack the General Prosecutor and the institutions, which have clearly defined in the law how the structure is built, who appoints them and where they report, where the parliament is not excluded.

Shalsi and the 99-chave commission with Enver's "volunteer".

Shalsi behaves like Shvejku: "We will not investigate, but we will check, we will look."

What business does the parliament have that, through a commission of 99 and "volunteers" Enveri of the Socialist Party, sees what the Prosecutor General or SPAK is doing?

It is defined in the law who controls them. There is the ILP, there is the KLD, what business does Eduart Shalsi have that through Fatmir Xhafaj, the 99-chas or his "volunteers" they attack the KLSH, the KLJ or the KLP, which should control the other institutions ?

Shalsi does Shvejk/ We will not investigate SPAK, but we will control SPAK
Enver Hoxha and Fatmir Xhafaj

The establishment of this commission is simply and only an ax on the head of the constitutional institutions, which act independently by controlling, investigating and implementing the law and should always be opponents in governance, but apparently with Shvejkian schemes the choice has been found.

An "Ad-Hoc" commission with 99 and "volunteers" Enveri, attack the SPAK, attack independent institutions, supposedly in the name of EU integration, and the "volunteer" can do this better than anyone else. the penultimate of Enver, Fatmir Xhafaj, together with the 99-chava squad of Lali Eri./ CNA

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