2024-01-25 17:09:00, Editorial CNA

Now more is really expected from SPAK. The internationals have even spoken a lot. Unlimited support for Altin Duman and SPAK, not only foreigners but also most of the media and Albanians. It is understood the policy against who openly and who behind the scenes of "Ad Hoc" commissions.

It is expected that he will act, not for a while, but for some files such as the properties of the army, where the generals involved in that investigative file have been elevated to tasks or the "McGonigal" file, where we saw from the "Voice of America" ??that we were dealing with corruption, we saw the claim, associates of justice. Incinerators a file full of thousands of documents that drives corruption up, way up.

McGonigal is passive corruption, who is his active corruption?

Are the incinerators just some directors and specialists?

Army property stolen by some soldiers?

There are endless issues and questions, time flies.

The file is in the US, the translation is enough and the charges should be filed. The file of incinerators is a big mountain already dissected.

Results must be expected, they must be concrete. It should not be left simply and only to Saliu in the attic, Mediu justifying Gërdec, the investigations about Lika and Monika.

The results should be more concrete, beyond the political pressure, Rama's grievances, that those of the opposition should eat, that in fact the majority was acted upon more quickly by SPAK and the government, but the representative of the embassy says one sentence: "Corruption is everywhere" and it is the power that makes corruption.

The opposition cannot do corruption now. What the opposition has done should be punished, but acts and deeds, procedures and concrete punishments should be expected for the corruption that the embassy says is everywhere.

To preserve SPAK as a jewel, definitely, because every blow that can be given to the current corruption curbs and brings a calmer future for SPAK and a better and safer Albania and citizens with more a lot of trust in justice institutions.

It is time for action by SPAK. This is what the EU says, what the US embassy says, what Duman himself says: "We are acting, we are acting."

Unfortunately, Duman's worst ally is time. Yes , time is running out fast, and SPAK must move at the same speed, and Duman himself and his closest collaborators, to give concrete results, to no longer have the sentence: "Corruption in Albania is everywhere".

It is definitely at the highest levels and has gone everywhere, but it can be dismantled with concrete results from SPAK and the time is now./ CNA


Lajmet e fundit nga