When will Lulzim Basha come out in protest

2024-02-08 11:53:00, Editorial CNA
When will Lulzim Basha come out in protest
Lulzim Basha

The "excellent" Lul appeared today at a press conference and emphasized that it is becoming theater in the street, thus targeting the opposition actions of his democratic colleagues.

"The opposition barely fills the alleys, instead of 'pouring' into the boulevards. We are burying ourselves deeper in ridicule. Let's stop inventing enemies," said Basha, among other things.

Luli tries to sell himself as a "devout" democrat who has so far "excelled" in politics, but he doesn't even believe himself when he talks.

Let's make a summary in a few lines of Lul ghumashi who wakes up only when he receives orders from Rama.

Lulzim Basha has been back at the head of the DP of "Vula" for a year after he "rented" some time to Enkelejd Alibeaja. Apparently the income was insufficient and he had to forcefully take over the leadership of the party.

When will Lulzim Basha come out in protest
Lulzim Basha

But Luli now comes out and criticizes his colleagues for not being able to fill the alleys, instead of filling the squares with Democrats.

But why doesn't Lul Basha come out in protest himself and fill the boulevards and squares with his "magic"?

Why doesn't Lulzim Basha come out to fill the squares and the streets, but he crouches down like a rat and comes out as a hideout with 5 people and holds the opposition hostage and wants to unite the votes with Rama for the constitutional changes?

When is he so good, powerful, when will he come out and show us the massiveness of the powerful opposition he leads?

Lulin is no longer followed by the citizens, or the democrats, but not even by his own "soldiers". He is now left with 10 "mercenaries", after Ilda Dhori has also left, who joined Sali Berisha.

He doesn't even believe what he says and always tries to tell lies, schemes and only tries to increase his wealth. He appears in the media and parrots conferences that no one follows anymore and even journalists boycott him.

The political corpse does very well to demand protests, but the other side with fewer people comes out and protests, while he looks at the luxury that Rama gives him, holding the seal of the Democratic Party hostage and hides behind the decisions of the courts.

Luli, the deceiver and the sleeper, not only plays Rama's game, but tries to cast ashes in the eyes of the Albanians that he is an oppositionist.

In front of his democratic colleagues, he has no courage to argue with them, but in the Assembly he hides like an ostrich and relies on Rama and Nikolla.

But thankfully he is very readable and whatever he says, whatever scheme he uses is discovered. The flower lacks key qualities such as nobility, leadership and sincerity.

We keep telling him that , Lul, you are doing well to call for protests, but go to the square once, gather the democrats and then speak at the conferences for your colleagues./ CNA

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