Alfred Balla, the next "missionary" of the power against SPAK

2024-01-28 13:10:00, Editorial CNA

Alfred Balla, the next "missionary" of the power against SPAK

Perhaps few know the person who has been at the head of the KLP for some time, as an individual, who has already been revealed to be a political instrument at the head of this institution resulting from a justice reform of hundreds of millions of euros paid by American citizens and the European ones.

Maybe someone thought that the reform has given its products and an independent, uncontrolled justice after a long-awaited reform by the Albanians and propagated by the government.

A reform that began to change the caste of justice, but that ended simply with increased bargaining and its capture in certain segments by the majority. Of course, the leader of that reform was the penultimate "Enverist", Fatmir Xhafaj.

Alfred Balla, the next "missionary" of the power against SPAK

He paved the way with his actions against the people of power against the 99ers of the Renaissance and those who needed the majority to capture justice.

Initially, it was said that it was a successful reform and justice had not been seized, but day after day, hour after hour, Albanians are learning how justice has been seized. Dignified prosecutors and judges have left and problematic people of the justice system or political soldiers are in office.

One of the cases of political soldiers is Alfred Balla, who has already been proposed to Edi Rama for the post of Minister of Justice.

Alfred Balla, the next "missionary" of the power against SPAK
Alfred Balla

Alfred Balla comes as a name at the moment when the majority with 99-chat and Enver's "volunteers" are preparing to strike against SPAK allegedly in the name of controlling the performance of independent institutions. The blow against SPAK is being prepared, which so far seems to be a movement two steps ahead and one step behind by the parliamentary majority, by the majority of the 99-chav and Enver's "volunteers" in the Assembly.

Alfred Balla has been proposed as a solution after lobbying businessman Irfan Hysenbelliu with mayor Erion Veliaj. Behind him stands the shadow of the Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla. A political duo that seeks to solve the problems of the majority of socialists, ministers or mayors, who are a large list of officials under investigation by SPAK.

An institution that cannot be called completely captured by the majority, but where there are still people with integrity, who do not open the phone to Veliaja or Rama for their whims and wishes to close files. Just as there are tyrants who flirt or lie warm in the "bed" of Renaissance where they secure their financial future with the money of the corruption of the majority.

And to close these files, instruments are needed.

The first instrument, the first attempt, is the establishment of an "Ad Hoc" commission, which is sometimes accepted and sometimes denied.

After the words it is declared that there will be an alleged control and in parallel it is demanded that the head of the KLP, one of the people of the majority, proven and with the votes made in the KLP, with his votes with political command, is already the new name for Minister of Justice proposed to Edi Rama as a solution to have a stronger institution, an even stronger Ministry of Justice, to fight an even tougher battle and stronger control over the new justice bodies.

For those segments that have escaped because it is already proven that the Supreme Court is caught by the red scarf of the pioneer of Sokol Sadushi, the KLP is caught with Alfred Balla, the Constitutional Court is an amalgam of individuals of Lulzim Basha and the prime minister or his favorite and Fatmir Xhafaj who led the Reform in Justice and so on and other institutions going up to simple judges and prosecutors.

The international investment for a Justice Reform would have both shortcomings and problems, but it could not be that the hundreds of millions of euros paid by European and American citizens went to Alfred Balla at the head of the KLP for Sokol Sadushi at the head of the Court of the Supreme Court or for others individuals who appear as people of justice, but in fact are segments of the majority of the 99 and Enver's volunteers to control justice in Albania.

Alfred Balla, the next "missionary" of the power against SPAK

It is now left to get the ministerial positions for which they are lobbying./ CNA

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