Who controls SPAK?!

2024-01-29 12:51:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO

Who controls SPAK?!

The institution that emerged from the Justice Reform, SPAK, is seen as one of the only hopes that can change something in Albania.

Having an Albania of PPPs, concessions, with accusations of corruption, with high taxes and a divided opposition and no hope for the citizens, people's eyes are drawn from the SPAK, the special prosecutor's office, which should fight crime and corruption .

In fact, prosecutors and judges have been found there, in Albania, they have worked in those institutions, but for their professionalism it is claimed that they are among the best, among the people with the most integrity.

Although within the SPAK structure, as the head of this institution, Altin Dumani, said, there are people who flirt with power, or worse, people who flirt with crime, and there are plenty of such cases.

Who controls SPAK?!

There is no forest without pigs, but everything goes beyond the hope that Albanians have or politics, which requires SPAK to be under control.

The last efforts of the majority are with "Ad-Hoc" investigative groups, using manuals to "protect" themselves from the SPAK in various directorates or ministries that are prepared by Engjëll Agaçi, waiting for the formula of a commission to come out. Ad-Hoc" written by Klotilda Bushka, waiting for the Minister of Justice to be changed with the proposal of Erion Veliaj and Fatmir Xhafajt to appoint Alfred Balla.

There is a concern among the majority, although SPAK is also attacked by the opposition, those who claim that they made SPAK for the good of the motherland, want to control it for their own interests.

The most common thesis used by the 99-chas of Rilindah and Enver's "volunteers" in power is one: "Who controls SPAK?".

Their concern, articulated by Lindita Nikolla at the Shengjin meeting, is that someone should control it.

In fact, SPAK is a highly controlled institution and we see this clearly every day. Since Lindita Nikolla, 99-chat and Enver's "volunteers" have this desire to control SPAK, they have a monitoring directorate in the Assembly and on the other hand, SPAK reports to the Law Commission once a year in a report of completed by the head of this institution.

These are probably not enough for the parliament, but who controls SPAK?

Another link of the SPAK are the courts themselves, first with the changes to the law and the criminal code, with the constitutional changes for the creation of the SPAK, with the procedures of the SPAK, it cannot act alone without the investigation being led by the court.

The investigations carried out by SPAK have procedures, well-defined legal steps, court decisions are the most complete control.

For SPAK to decide on interception, a court decision is needed, and a court decision can go through several levels. So, not in one link of control, but it goes to 3 links of control, Fact, Appeal, Supreme Court.

Who controls SPAK?!

For seizures or any other action, several court decisions must be passed, for arrests, for measures, several court decisions will be passed.

The work of SPAK is not seen simply and only according to the political eye or the binoculars that the majority will use, or the extralegal checks that it seeks to do in order to obtain information about what work SPAK does or how the investigations are progressing.

SPAK has several other institutions behind it, such as the ILD that inspects, the KLP that decides on prosecutors' violations. There are many links, which show us that SPAK is controlled and evaluated. The results are clear, the decisions given by the courts, the investigations carried out by SPAK, according to the recommendations given by the court, are results, without talking about other state institutions as we mentioned above the Assembly, the ILD or the KLP.


This is the control of SPAK. Even when it will save someone, it is the court that speaks. So, SPAK is controlled by, not the court itself, but also the Assembly itself, ILD. KLP.

The claims that SPAK is not controlled and needs a commission or a mechanism and instrument, are simply and only an invention of the 99-chas and Enver's "volunteers" to put a noose on SPAK's throat./ CNA

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