The scheme against SPAK/ Here are all the movements of the government

2024-01-30 11:07:00, Editorial CNA
The scheme against SPAK/ Here are all the movements of the government
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CNA published a full material based on information obtained from Prime Minister Edi Rama's close meetings about his movements and Enver's group of 99ers and volunteers to attack SPAK.

In the "secret" movements and discussions that CNA uncovered, the strategy had several points.

Everything starts with the articulation of Lindita Nikolla at the Shengjin meeting on January 9 and 10, which demands the control of SPAK. Prime Minister Edi Rama's message from Mrs. Nikolla's mouth.

Bledi Çuçi advances to a status with control mechanisms towards SPAK.

The scheme against SPAK/ Here are all the movements of the government

First, CNA revealed some positions of the prime minister in the meeting with the directors of the agencies and the general secretaries of the ministries.

Second, the institutions should block SPAK when entering for inspections and for this, Engjëll Agaçi, the General Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, would prepare a draft recommendation.

Agaçi also gathered the General Secretaries in Diber last week to guide them on how to act when SPAK appears in the institution.

Third, a tense meeting where Prime Minister Rama stays for a few minutes and tells the ministers what he told the directors about SPAK, again Úngjëll Agaçi would give the orientations. Since this meeting, he sends a message directly to Altin Duman, authorizing the Minister of Justice.

Fourth, a confidential meeting held with the group of SP lawyers in one of the government residences.

A strategy that becomes totally clear and reliable when Eduart Shalsi comes out, accepts, then denies and Elisa Spiropali puts the stamp on it.

Fifth, we report the "Ad Hoc" commission that would be led by Fatmir Xhafaj against SPAK and independent institutions.

Sixth, we discovered that the majority strategy proposed by the 99-chat of Veliaj in cooperation with Enver's volunteers included the appointment of a new Minister of Justice.

The aim is to institutionally set a "hard limit" to SPAK, create an "Ad Hoc" parliamentary commission, which would control and appeal to SPAK, then a Minister of Justice, who would exercise the powers of strong towards SPAK and face its leader Altin Dumani.

On the other hand, ILD and KLP began to stand firm in front of SPAK prosecutors. Political and institutional pressure from the Assembly, the government and "independent" institutions.

The clear goal, it seems, has worried the Prime Minister, Lali Er and his people a lot, because he does not answer the phone and does not behave like Alfred Ballërat or the president of the court with the pioneer scarf and castrated constitutionalists.

No one doubts it anymore, even if they scramble to deny it.

Shalsi is upset, Elisa cries, Xhafaj vents, Rama looks for traitors, the truth will go to the end without stopping. As it was for the incinerators, as it was for the case of interventions in SPAK, as it was for 750 files of prosecutors and judges published in CNA, the corruption of buying the media, as it was for the law of Higher Education, or as we are publishing government meetings, just like when it was about Lulzim Basha's assets, about the "McGonigal" file, about Basha's Russian financing file and so on./ CNA


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