Alfred Peza "castrated" the opposition

2024-03-04 15:59:00, Editorial CNA
Alfred Peza "castrated" the opposition
Alfred Peza, RTSH

For almost a year, Alfred Peza has been elected the head of RTSH, it is alleged in violation of the law because he had his own private media, but this part has passed in silence.

With the departure of Alfred Peza, many media and portals report on scandals, exploits and tragedies. For the departure of dozens of employees, professional, experienced people, for his quarrels and conflicts with Leka Bungo, then "love", which are like the big problem of RTSH today, because between their love can also come dismissals.

Some are removed by Leka, some are removed by Alfred Peza, so-and-so or pistachio are fired, many portals have written, some are accused, others bring out facts. ( Read here )

For days, CNA has brought exclusive materials related to the scandal at the 62nd RTSH Song Festival, where it was revealed that it had cost about 140 million lek more, much of which had gone in some questionable directions.

KLSH has already gone and is investigating the festival, the amounts and expenses, the legal method, transparency and so on.

We officially requested information from Alfred Peza, the latter refused, then we have published everything below.

Employees leave, others resign, two directors that CNA reported as resigned, now temporarily returned to work due to the inspection being carried out by the HSC, and so on.

But we are faced with a fact, the opposition is silent and does not speak.

We are dealing with an opposition, such as the PD of Luli's "Vula" or Berisha's pulpit, the largest PD, with a larger group of 40 deputies, where no one talks about Alfred Peza and his conflict with Leka Bungo, where no one talks about resignations.

Endless are those in violation of the law as there are about 70 dismissed employees, over 20 of whom are sure to win the court decisions, as they were totally dismissed in violation of the law, money that they will pay to the taxpayers Albanians.

A festival with hundreds of millions of lek more, on the other hand dubious expenses, costs, invoices, which are paid by the Albanians and the opposition does not say a word.

None of Berisha's MPs or the few that are left of Lulzim Basha say a word about the atrocities, scandals and what happens in RTSH, which is actually not an institution owned by the Governing Council headed by Leka Bungo and not it may be in the hands of Alfred Peza to return it to his property which he uses as he likes.

The opposition is silent.

The evidence comes out, the facts come out and the documents about the dismissals, the documents about the expenses and no opposition MP has the courage to talk about Alfred Peza. Not even the big doctor from his balcony can take it in his mouth. Perhaps the hundreds of millions given to RTSH as economic damage may seem too little, the layoffs may seem too little to them.

It may seem insignificant to them that a mother of a child with autism is removed from her job, and maybe then we can say that when this kind of opposition does not speak, in such cases, to hell with it, nobody needs it!

That's why the government does what it wants, that's why Alfred Peza turns RTSH into private property and uses it for his friendly stories and his temporary "love" with Leka Bungo, because the opposition has no voice, no figure for such scandals and affairs that go to dozens of families, to their homes, to their pockets, to Albanian taxpayers.

And the opposition takes action. Someone has "castrated" the opposition not to talk about Alfred Peza. Gaz Bardhi, maybe, he doesn't know, Flamur Noka... nothing is certain. But what is certain is the fact that none of the opposition parties or their representatives talk about the scandalous situation in RTSH./ CNA


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