The courage required by Altin Dumani and SPAK

2024-02-16 11:44:00, Editorial Elvi FUNDO
The courage required by Altin Dumani and SPAK
Altin Dumani

The visit of Antony Blinken, the American Secretary of State, is a trail with clear messages, which shows the way how Albania or its institutions will move forward with the support they have from the USA itself. 

During yesterday's visit to Tirana , the American Secretary of State, Blinken, met with leaders of the justice system, where 3 of them were present as complements, on the right side, the one that stands out in Blinken's photo is Altin Dumani, head of SPAK. 

The courage required by Altin Dumani and SPAK
Antony Blinken and the heads of the justice system

The media reported that there would be a face-to-face meeting, where there was talk of a meeting during the time of about 2 hours and 30 minutes from the arrival in Albania to the start of the official agenda. 

Today the US embassy released a photo, only Secretary Blinken previously released the photo of the representative of the justice system. 

For those who want to understand the clear message, it is understood that the president of the high court, ILD and others, were simply fillers of that picture, since it is almost impossible to have a meeting with the head of an accusation structure, of the prosecution , where the General Prosecutor is also absent. So it's a completely special case. 

The courage required by Altin Dumani and SPAK
Antony Blinken and the heads of Albanian justice

According to the American embassy's announcement and what Secretary Blinken himself said, this is the moment for new justice institutions to "act boldly against impunity and promote public trust and the rule of law." This is a very clear, direct sentence and a message that is conveyed to SPAK, Duman and the Court Against Crime and Corruption. 

So far there have been results and they cannot be said to be spectacular, because there have been no ministers or high-ranking officials in office, mainly former ministers and former officials, who have left office and then faced charges or are being investigated. 

Antony Blinken in Tirana gave the message, the US embassy gave the message, "COURAGE IS NEEDED", now courage is expected from Altin Dumani and SPAK. 

The courage required by Altin Dumani and SPAK
Altin Dumani

To whom is courage directed?

As for the opposition, it has already done its job, Berisha is locked up at home, Meta and Kryemadhi have their files, Luli is being avoided for a while with the procedure, courage is actually not needed towards the opposition.

The courage required by Altin Dumani and SPAK
Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha

Courage must be against power. 

I mentioned above, there are officials, former officials, former ministers, but there are no ministers in office. So there is no minister shackled in the office for corruption or mayors, affairs continue, corruption continues, incinerators are paid, PPPs are paid, concessions are granted, clientelistic permits are not stopped, Albania is sold like scorched earth in the name of development and SPAK- u is there to dare. 

Altin Dumani had all the support. With his becoming the head of SPAK, public opinion has increased expectations (even the corrupt government media), this is also due to the fact that he is perceived as an incorruptible person, unrelated to politics and who stands up to the battle. 

From Dumani and SPAK (not all, some are from Rilindash), it is simply required that they have the courage to rise to the task and do what is necessary, not to saw heads, to investigate toilets, or to catch what capture for statistics. This should never happen.

SPAK cannot deal with boxes of fish and pennies and change, but with concessions, PPPs, affairs that go to the highest official levels and their collaborators. 

The courage required by Altin Dumani and SPAK

Dumani and SPAK should have the courage to investigate corruption at the highest levels of power, to investigate ministers, top corruption. This has the support of the Prime Minister, who said that it has never happened before to investigate the untouchables. 

Yes, courage is needed for the untouchables. There are still untouchables in Albania. In Albania, corruption is still at the highest levels. 

What is needed is the courage of Duman and the courage of SPAK, to set the standard of justice, by investigating and arresting corruption at the highest state levels, officials, ministers, prosecutors and judges and those within the justice system, even if bullies in the media to show that at all four levels of power corruption is hit and then the untouchables are hit. 

This is the courage required of Altin Dumani and SPAK. / CNA 

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