A short reading of Antony Blinken's message in Tirana

2024-02-15 19:36:00, Editorial CNA
A short reading of Antony Blinken's message in Tirana
Photomontage - Erion Veliaj, Antony Blinken and Edi Rama

It is enough to listen or re-listen several times to the speech delivered by the American Secretary of State, Mr. Antony Blinken at the reconstructed Pyramid to understand a clear message he gave from Tirana.

Mr. Blinken gave a lot of credit to Prime Minister Edi Rama, the Afghans, the mujahedin, etc., but what stood out in his sentence was Edi Rama's Tirana, while Edi Rama has not been mayor since 2011.

For 13 years, Edi Rama no longer leads Tirana. It was directed by Lulzim Basha for 4 years and since 2015, it has been directed by Erion Veliaj for 9 years.

Blinken was clear, Edi Rama's Tirana, the change of this city, the Pyramid, everything, the colors, the brightness, the sun, the heating, the light, he gave all the merits to Edi Rama, thus avoiding the mayor Erion Veliaj who was in front of him.

Although Erion Veliaj had ambushed him, came out and shook his hand, distributed the photos, Blinken's message from inside the meeting was direct, all credit and everything went to Edi Rama, avoiding in a catastrophic way the mayor Erion Veliaj , even why he is often proud of the investment in Pyramid.

In fact, Lali wants to sell his meeting with Blinken as a triumph, but it is enough to remind Mr. Veliaj of one occasion.

Sali Berisha has been in the oval room 3 times, she has hosted President Bush, she has hosted Secretary Clinton, she has also given a speech in parliament, etc. but about 3 years ago they declared her "non-grata", precisely the secretary Antony Blinken signed the declaration of Berisha "non-grata".

That's why Blinken's message today was so powerful. He recognized everything as merit to Edi Rama. The mayor in office was in the hall, he had previously blocked his way, had given him his hand, but the secretary of state did not give any appreciation or credit to Veliaj.

Ignoring eye to eye, face to face to the mayor Veliaj, who is already trying to sell the photos taken with the ambush that took Blinken as his triumph./ CNA

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