Accusations/ Who paid and for whom was Alma Kaçi's video with Gjicin made?!

2024-02-13 18:20:00, Editorial CNA
Accusations/ Who paid and for whom was Alma Kaçi's video with Gjicin
Alma Kaçi

Alma Kaçi, after being sentenced to 1 year in prison by SPAK for prostitution, has started to appear in the media many times more actively than at the first moment when her intimate video with the former mayor of Kukës, Safet Gjici, was leaked.

Kaçi, who claims to be an investigative journalist, accused of prostitution by SPAK, convicted by a decision of the court of first instance, remembered now after a year to say that she instructed "Fiks Fare" for the camera she made.

So, it was the hosts of the show "Fiks Fare" who told her to go to the mayor of Kukës, Safet Gjici, to unbutton his pants and take him in her mouth.

Meanwhile, there are some details and questions that arise about this story. Not because of the fact that he spoke so late, because it is understood that now that he has been convicted, he wants to keep the people of justice under blackmail and pressure, but for other reasons.

First, you can clearly hear what is being talked about in the video. The video talks about the issue of the shelter center for dogs, which actually did not happen only in Kukës and seems to be her activity, totally private.

But without protecting "Fiks" at all.

Did the "Fiks" staff order the young lady to go and unbutton Safet Gjic's pants? Or did he do it himself?

Accusations/ Who paid and for whom was Alma Kaçi's video with Gjicin
Photo taken from the video-scandal

Secondly, SPAK has investigated and interrogated members of the staff of "Fiks Fare" and it turns out that the video was not made for the account of the show "Fiks Fare" and was not broadcast on the show "Fiks Fare".

So who did it go for? Who sent Alma Kaçi to Safet Gjici?

There are several theories, from Abedin Uruçi and others, but the truth is that the young lady sent the video to "Fiks Fare" the day before and then the next day the video went viral. Where else did he send it? After SPAK investigated it. Who made the video? Who else did Alma Kaçi give the video to?

If he had done it for "Fiks" he should have sent it only to "Fiks" and the source of the video output would have been "Fiks Fare". The investigative show did not air it. It was given somewhere else, he had taken this video somewhere else, or they had recorded it, as it seems in the first video, Alma Kaçi.

She claims to be an investigative journalist and wants to hide behind "Fiks", but from the investigations carried out by SPAK, it does not appear that she had any communications with the staff or managers of the show on the day the video was made, without speaking afterwards that she went to Kukës with her private vehicle and talks about her private affairs .

"Fiks", Stop etc., an investigative show, does not give a journalist a hidden camera and walk on her own. When "Fiks" goes for hidden cameras, for those who work there or know its structure, they know that there is a driver, there are support staff from the hidden cameras who are technicians and the journalist does not go alone.

She was an external collaborator of the show "Fiks Fare", like dozens of others, who prepare materials, submit them to "Fiks" and after they are evaluated, further investigated, clarified and filled with documentation, then they are entered into broadcast.

This is not only done by "Fiks", but also by "Stop" and every other investigative show that has external collaborators.

The lady with her attitudes is exerting an illegal influence on justice and on the other hand, she is trying to hide the truth by directing the accusations against "Fiks Fare".

Accusations/ Who paid and for whom was Alma Kaçi's video with Gjicin
Alma Kaçi in SPAK

The question is simple: At the moment she went privately and made this video privately, since she didn't go with "Fiks", she went with her own vehicle, with Safet Gjicin, she talks about her personal issues, to carry out activities , to get money for the protection of dogs and so on, who took him to Safet Gjici?

To whom did Alma Kaçi give the video besides the staff of the show "Fiks Fare"?

Was it paid by someone else?

Interviews given to the media show that it is contradictory. The investigations carried out by SPAK show that "Fiks" has no connection, but a USB was brought to this show. Now the questions arise:

Was there another USB?

Has this material been given to someone else?

Was Safet Gjici aware, who also used certain names in the trial against him?

And the final question is who are Alma Kaçi's collaborators or orderers?

"Fiks Fare" may have had collaborators. She may have made many videos. Much may be broadcast, much may not be broadcast, but in the case of Safet Gjic there is a detail.

Alma Kaçi has given the materials elsewhere. She went with her private vehicle and the statements she gives to the media are very contradictory. There is only one answer to all these questions:

Who paid Alma Kaçi, or on whose account did the latter make the video with Safet Gjici?/ CNA

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