Will they show Blinken the Tirana incinerator and the 130 million euro investment?

2024-02-12 20:00:00, Editorial CNA
Will they show Blinken the Tirana incinerator and the 130 million euro
US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. In the background, the incinerator of Tirana

The American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, comes to Tirana, on a visit that can again be called historic.

He is the sixth secretary to land in Albania, but unlike the others, Blinken is the man who signed the "non-grata" for Sali Berisha, the former prime minister and former president of the country.

Blinken comes in a very tense situation, when the accusations of the political parties are strong, but on the other hand, SPAK, the institution created by the Justice Reform with direct funding from the USA and the EU, has very high expectations. .

There are quite high expectations because SPAK is already seen as an opposition, seen as a possible opponent of the broad power that Rilindja and Prime Minister Edi Rama have.

Will they show Blinken the Tirana incinerator and the 130 million euro

SPAK is seen as hope also because of the great corruption of officials from the highest to the lowest levels, because of many cases that are being investigated, because of several arrests or dozens of defendants, ministers, former ministers, mayors, etc.

Antony Blinken comes to Tirana at the moment when Albania continues to talk loudly about the affair of the century, that of the incinerators, where some supporters of the SP and its officials, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiti, as well as his roommate Stela Gugallja, through different schemes were able to secure from the Albanian government 178 million euros, of which 130 million only for the Tirana landfill and incinerator.

Will they show Blinken the Tirana incinerator and the 130 million euro

The Tirana concession contract was written 7 years ago, there is no incinerator in Tirana, it does not exist. There is talk of an investment of around 70 million euros made there, but in fact no more than 30 million euros appear in the documents.

On the other hand, it is not known where they went, not 60, but about 110 million euros. The investment should have been around 128 million euros and while SPAK is investigating, and has arrested several directors and associates of Erion Veliaj, the issue of incinerators continues to be heated. It is the most important issue after 30 years of dictatorship in Albania, the biggest corruption affair.

And a question arises: Will they show the incinerator of Tirana and the successful investment of 130 million euros to the American Secretary of State, or will he simply see it from the air when he lands by plane?

Not only this as an issue, but perhaps the PPPs and other concessions also show that beyond the successes and the flag that will be raised after the signing of the two agreements, in a few days we will hear that Antony Blinken deleted everything and the Albanian government already moves forward and is amnestied from everything that happened.

In fact, we have to wait and see the truths that maybe Blinken doesn't know, but hopefully he will learn them when he comes to Tirana./ CNA

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