Secretary Blinken did not amnesty corruption and affairs/ SPAK needs to step up

2024-02-19 12:41:00, Editorial CNA
Secretary Blinken did not amnesty corruption and affairs/ SPAK needs to step up
Head of SPAK, Altin Dumani and American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken

Someone said that the arrival of Antony Blinken was a joke for Prime Minister Edi Rama, did you say that the American Secretary of State had come to eat Korçe krenacka at Pazari i Ri?

Someone else said that Secretary Blinken had amnestied the "McGonigal" file and this story was already closed, someone else said that Secretary Blinken is a man who is supporting an enemy of democracy like Edi Rama, another said that George Soros brought it, and so on.

Actually, the truth is one. Secretary Blinken is not the first and the last to come to Albania, others have come before him and always articulate support for Albania as a partner country.

Also, in all cases they have supported the prime ministers in office, calling them people of value, leaders who have a developing democracy , such as Sali Berisha who was later declared "non grata" or Prime Minister Rama, a very well, full of colors, that had developed Albania, as Mr. Blinken said.


Therefore, all these are political, public positions. No one should expect an American secretary to come and say that democracy is calling the shots, this prime minister must go, etc., like these, because these things do not happen in diplomacy.

The American secretary comes and gives a clear and always public support to the government, to a partner country such as Albania, no doubt the most pro-American country in the world, and then leaves with a very clear diplomatic agenda, which is very difficult to change in the State Department by the arrival or departure of a secretary.

Secretary Blinken did not amnesty corruption and affairs/ SPAK needs to step up

Government support will always remain the same. Whether Sali Berisha is declared "non grata" or not, Edi Rama is supported or not, Albania will remain a strategic partner of the USA.

On the other hand, no one believes the theories that they were amnestied and the files were closed. There is no chance that Blinken will go meet the head of SPAK, Altin Duman, or the people of justice and tell them to close the file on the incinerators and not go up.

Secretary Blinken did not amnesty corruption and affairs/ SPAK needs to step up
American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken with the heads of justice in Albania

On the contrary, in all the articulations of the embassy, ??DASH, the secretary himself and every individual who has supported the Justice Reform, it is said that justice must go as high as possible.

So, the lid is not put on the incinerators with some directors of the Municipality of Tirana, the "McGonigal" file is not closed on what Agron Neza said before SPAK, or Dorian Ducka because there are ongoing FBI investigations and the file is not simply closed and only with McGonigal's conviction.

The American Secretary of State does not come to amnesty crimes and corruption, concessions and PPPs, he comes to encourage to go to the end every affair that has been done in these 10 years with violence that starts and has no end.

Moreover, the fear of the law and impunity is not prevailing, but simply more sophisticated instruments are found to continue corruption.

That's why the American Secretary of State did not come to Albania to grant amnesty, he came to support the Albanians, perhaps to support the Prime Minister in office, Mr. Rama publicly.

Never, in any case, does a Secretary of State come to amnesty corruption and crime, but comes to support the fight against it, so the message was clear in the meeting he had with Duman, the head of SPAK, the institution and the financed structure from the USA in the framework of the Justice Reform, from which a lot is still expected, more concrete results, more issues resolved to the end, more truths brought to light and the accountability of those responsible not for statistics, but to show that justice works and oppressors will face it in any case, at any time and in any post./ CNA

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