The second document - Violations in the concession contract, the company does not respect any deadline for investments in the Tirana landfill

2023-05-03 12:24:00, Denoncim CNA
The second document - Violations in the concession contract, the company does
The incinerator of Tirana

Tirana's landfill is one of the issues being investigated by SPAK after several lawsuits filed first by the media, then Nisma Thurje, LSI and PD, in connection with a 30-year concession contract, which affects a value of 430 million dollars.

According to the officially published data, it turns out that in just 5-6 years, the concession company will have income up to 100 million dollars, of which approximately 30 million dollars are profits and it is claimed by it, that about 32 million other dollars are investments. But what is the truth about the concession contract? How much income should this company have in total and how should the investments be made?



According to the contract signed between the government and the company "Integrated Energy BV SPV", which has the parent company "Geogenix" in the Netherlands, a company founded by Klodian Zoto and then passed the shares to Giuseppe Ciaffaglione, an Italian wanted by SPAK -u, and the Albanian state, since he had hired the father of Alqi Bllakos, the official of the Ministry of Environment, who is behind bars.

Obviously then the company changes shareholders and goes under other names. This is through a still unclear legal procedure, as it is claimed that for all changes of shareholders, according to the law of concessions, permission had to be obtained from the Albanian government, which the officials of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy say has not been done.

Today, CNA is bringing another detail, just like yesterday, where we published the document, which was about the annex-concessional contract of the government with the company, where it was said that for 6 years, for about 72 months, should have been built the four lines, one of which would process about 230 tons of waste per day.

The deadlines were clear, while today, according to media reports, photos, but also cameras that have entered the Tirana landfill, it is still said that no line exists and the incinerator is not there.

We are fixed almost 6 years later. The concessionaire, in a public appearance a few days ago, said that he has invested 32 million dollars.

The second document - Violations in the concession contract, the company does

In a document published by CNA, dated December 2022, where the company is looking for a partner and makes a "conditional sale" to secure the investment of around 120 million dollars, it is said that the investment is 22 million dollars. Two different numbers with a difference of about 10 million dollars. However, according to the feasibility study in the first year, we said 38.5, while in the second year it should be 40.2 million dollars.

In the third year, 20 million dollars, in the fourth year 10.5 million dollars, in the fifth year 15.6 million dollars and in the sixth year about 3 million dollars, which is considered the investment fund, so in total 128.2 million euros.

Today should have been the deadline when the concessionaire company should have completed the investment.

But the company issued its own excuses, which we heard through representatives in the parliamentary investigative commission, held two years ago, where its administrator, Arjola Kodra, said that the works were delayed, not because of the company, but due to the government, the late delivery of land facilities has also been delayed due to the pandemic and others like these.

The second document - Violations in the concession contract, the company does

Actually, we are in the sixth year. Every kind of delay made in 6 years, as if we take for granted what the administrator, who is under house arrest, said, that is 3 years of delay made by the Albanian government. We should have been in the third year of the investment.

So, today the concessionaire company and, according to what it declares and claims, should have been in an investment phase, where it should have made at least, according to the data of the feasibility study, investments in these first three years of about 100 million euros and about another 28 million euros should have been invested in the next three years.

According to the concession contract, the investment of 128 million euros should have been completed, but we are taking for granted the fact of the excuses that the company has, the delays made by the Albanian government, the pandemic and others like these, although in such investments the deadlines or blockages caused by the pandemic have not been so numerous, but we are considering all the claims made public and it turns out that the concessionaire company in 6 years of investment, forgiving three years due to the pandemic or delays made by the Albanian government, today must had invested at least 100 million euros.

The company claims that it has invested in 6 years less than 30% of the total value of investments.

Because the first three years were the three main years of the investment, according to the table and the feasibility study, which started with 38.5 million euros, continued with 40.2 million euros and the third year 20.2 million euros and the remaining three years of the investment.

Clearly, the concessionaire company "Geogenix", "Integrated Energy", has not made the investments according to the corresponding values ??in the concession contract with the government, no deadline has been respected, the value invested in the total of these 6 years does not even reach the figure of the first year declared according to the contract signed with the Albanian government. The company itself declares 32, in the document published by CNA, in December 2022 it turns out to be 22 million dollars, while it should have invested at least 40 million dollars in the first year.

Today we are in the third year, as we mentioned above, it should have invested at least 100 million dollars. No such thing has happened. The administrator of the company in the investigative commission has admitted this in voice and figure, the facts show, the report of the Supreme State Control, the investigations being carried out by SPAK, which, in fact, seems to have taken it too far, and the Prosecutors of the Tirana landfill case.

Apparently, they should read these documents published by us in order to proceed with the investigation, to clarify the truth of what happened with the Tirana landfill concession./ CNA.al


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