Abusive doctorates in law / Those who should have been disqualified win

2023-04-27 21:26:52, Denoncim CNA

Abusive doctorates in law / Those who should have been disqualified win

Today, "Stop" stopped at doctorates for the academic year 2021-2022, with the call that was made in April 2022. 36 quotas were determined and in September 37 winners were announced, one more while for the others there is a change in the destination of the quotas without approval.

Now, after a year, the topics of the candidates have not yet been determined. The Department of Public Law has been reduced from 11 declared lecturers to 8, who must lead 9 students, even though the ministry's order is "one leader-one candidate".

"Stop" has also secured the evaluation minutes from the 'ad hoc' commission, where it turns out that the winners are those who should have been disqualified.

"It is a somewhat unclear way of evaluation, but did we manage to break it down", said the "Stop" journalist.

Today there are 9 winners, but according to the journalist, if the criteria set in relation to the Bachelor and Master studies program had been applied, the average should be 8.5 and the academic commitment should have been another list.  

Abusive doctorates in law / Those who should have been disqualified win

"Rosalba Basha has a Bachelor's degree in Turin translated and notarized, a diploma and a list of grades. The average is 8.2. He should have automatically been disqualified. Ilir Bajraba, ranked seventh in the winning list. Ilir Bajraba is a certified adviser of the Collaborative Commissions Service of the Parliamentary Institute of the Assembly. Today, the Parliament of Albania is not a scientific research institution, and even less the MPs do not play the role of scientists. However, today he is a winner despite not having a degree related to the law studies program. This refers to the statements in this minutes where Ilir Bajraba has a Bachelor in Arts and Economics, translated, notarized. We move on to another winner.

Naureta Llagami, who has been evaluated with the maximum points for the academic commitment that has only been 3 years, while in the evaluation method the "ad hoc" commission determines that more than 3 years will be evaluated with 15 points, while in the verbal process, Llagami for the experience or academic commitment is evaluated with the maximum points, 25 points. Let's go to the winning candidate of 9, Kristi Anastas, who is an employee of KLSH and has declared that in 5 years of work, he has academic engagement as a lecturer. This has been proven by the certificate issued by the same certificate issued by the Faculty of Law dated 24.05.2022. "Maybe in order to be transparent, the "ad hoc" commission should make public his work as a lecturer and his experience and academic commitment, when and where the gentleman in question has it", said the journalist .

We remind you that a few weeks ago about the abuses of lecturers' payments at the Faculty of Law. In the documents published by "Stop", there was talk of exaggerated payment figures, which were justified by overloading or extra payments.

Deanship Dorina Hoxha for the year 2020 received so many payments that she worked 18 hours a day during this academic year. Likewise, the list showed other names that "work" even at bedtime./tvklan

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