Stop/ The post office steals money from its employee, the court does not find a criminal offense

2023-05-01 22:16:12, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ The post office steals money from its employee, the court does not find a

On October 20, 2022, the show Stop on TV Klan broadcasted the case of an employee of the Divjaka Post Office, who was missing more than half of her salary for 3 years. Mrs. Rajmonda Rista from Lushnja worked as a distributor of Divjaka Post from 2014 to 2017.

But 8,000, 8,500 and a maximum of 9,000 new Lek as monthly salary have been deposited into her account. In the meantime, the minimum wage was declared in Taxes at 22,000 new Lek. He found this out when he retired.

She made a report to the Economic Crime in Fier and then the report was forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office of Lushnje, where the prosecutor Skënder Mestani took the case. But the latter has not done any investigation for more than a year.

Stop has returned to this case and has learned that the Court of Lushnja, with judge Miranda Nakaj, just like the prosecutor Mestani, has not seen a criminal offense in the file in question.

"After the broadcast of the Stop show, we had a lot of faith in the court, but the court immediately closed the case. Two sessions were held. In the first session, the president of the court was supposed to attend the prosecutor, but it did not happen, and in the second session, the prosecutor still did not come, and so the case was closed because the court told me that it is not a criminal case, but a civil one. You will only pursue him civilly, I don't see fit for that. He also tells me that this case is closed", says whistleblower Rajmonda Rista.

Stop went to Lushnje Post Office to meet with the director. The latter was not in the office. After waiting for the journalist, the director went to the institution and had a short conversation with the journalist but did not enter the office.

Journalist: The person in charge, who made the payment for the period 2014-2017.

Postmaster Blendi Bubi: It is not here.

Postmaster Blendi Bubi: I gave him permission.

Postmaster Blendi Bubi: Ola! I know the whole problem, but we operate on the basis of letters, that's all!

Journalist: There is no more request!

Postmaster Blendi Bubi: I came now, even the apostates, just for this occasion. I was in an office, I had an, an inspection in an office. Now I know! Please don't go into it too much.

Journalist: No! Get me someone to give me an answer about Raimonda!/ tvklan

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