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The email of the incinerator company is released / Limon Mango and the "ghost" Mirel are revealed

2023-04-28 18:23:00, Denoncim CNA
The email of the incinerator company is released / Limon Mango and the
Photomontage - Mirel Mërtiri

For years, CNA has been denouncing the mega-affair of the incinerators and its connections that go from the Netherlands to Tirana, from Tirana to Zimbabwe, from Zimbabwe to Bulgaria and from Bulgaria to the Netherlands and elsewhere.

SPAK suspects that Mirel Mërtiri, the person described by SPAK as the mastermind of the incinerators, is behind the scheme of the whole affair.

CNA has discovered new documents that highlight the "brains" of the incinerators, the real scriptwriter who is hiding and serving the company in the Netherlands "GeoGenix", which was previously called "Integrated Energy BV".

It is about an e-mail from the administrator of the parent company in the Netherlands, Michael Druijts.

In the new document, which is another email, it was sent on March 14, 2022 by Michael Druijts, the administrator of the company "Goeogenix" in the Netherlands.

The email was sent to the address "Limon Mango" and in CC, so Marc Lappat, one of the co-administrators, was notified.

In the e-mail, Mr. Druijts addresses Mirel as "Dear Mirel" and talks about the phone call, as well as explaining the fact that Mr. Vermeulen has accepted the job. Herman Daniel Vermeulen is currently the administrator of the Tirana incinerator company.

The email of the incinerator company is released / Limon Mango and the

"Dear Mirel,

It was hard to hear you over the phone and I'm not sure if you heard me well. To confirm, Mr Vermeulen has agreed to take on the role of administrator of Integrated Energy BV SPV (the "Company") pending your approval of the following terms:

1. Accommodation: The company will take care of all accommodation and lodging needs.

3. The company will take care of local transportation to and from work.

2. Departures and/travels: Mr Vermeulen's 'wife/partner' lives in Spain and he has a second home in Spain.

Pending approval, he would like to go home to Spain 1 to 2 times a month for a few days. However he will be available at any time, being able to work remotely from Spain if required. In this respect, the company must pay for his flights to and from Spain.

The email of the incinerator company is released / Limon Mango and the
The administrator of the Tirana incinerator company, Herman Daniel Vermeulen

3. Salary: Mr. Vermeulen has requested a monthly salary of 9500 euros net, after local taxes. As far as I understand from Elton, he will receive a local salary.

4. Assistance with any local work permits, if required.

I mentioned to you in the call that Mr. Vermeulen must notify his current employer 1 month before leaving.

Thus, the fastest time he can come to Albania is 1 month from the day of notification of the departure of the current employer. He can however be appointed on a temporary basis and is available to work remotely for a limited time if necessary.

Please inform us if you agree to these terms and then please instruct Elton to draw up the employment contract. Once we receive your confirmation, we will instruct Mr. Vermeulen to notify his current employer of his resignation.

Warm greetings,

Michael" , says the email.

This document showing the connections and coordination of Mireli using the Limon Mango address comes a day after CNA published exclusive documents proving Klodian Zoto's connections with the parent company in the Netherlands.

Also, CNA published for the first time the registration documents of the parent company of the incinerator in the Netherlands, where "Integrated Technology Services", Klodian Zoto's ITS, is a shareholder.

The email of the incinerator company is released / Limon Mango and the

The email of the incinerator company is released / Limon Mango and the

CNA has issued authentic documents of the signing of the contract of the company "Geogenix" through third parties with Mirel Mërtir, as well as the receipt of documents, i.e. the resident in the Netherlands, for Mirel Mërtir, with a guarantee from the company "Geogenix", which is the mother of the incinerator of Tirana.

We have also published other documents related to Mirel Mërtiri, who signs on behalf of the company or who is also a negotiating representative of the parent company of the incinerators in the Netherlands, in Zimbabwe.

SPAK has new facts on the table, but the investigations seem to have been unraveled and the incinerator company has made moves to the owners as reported by Syri.net today.

None of the main people of the incinerator scheme have yet been arrested and frequent changes of shareholders are being made at the Tirana landfill to save the scheme and avoid seizure by SPAK and bringing to the fore the responsibility of the real owners and those responsible for the affair./ CNA.al

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