Ciafaglione/ 'Sharra' Landfill is left in the hands of the head of the company founded by the Russians

2023-04-28 17:12:00, Denoncim CNA

Ciafaglione/ 'Sharra' Landfill is left in the hands of the head of the

The fertilizer concessionaire of Sharra has changed owners on paper, these moves were made without the affair of the incinerators. Xhuzepe Ciafaglione, who has been declared wanted by SPAK, no longer appears in the documents, and in his place, the company based in Switzerland, 'ICARE Energy SA', which has created a subsidiary in Albania, is registered as the beneficiary. Administrators in this branch are two people from Kosovo, one of them a member of the Council and a supervisor in the oil refinery of Ballshi, where the company that bought this refinery was founded by a Russian oligarch close to Putin.

In the middle of this week, the fertilizer concession company of Sarra, 'Integrated Energy BV' has registered the changes in its ownership.

According to official documents, it turns out that one of the beneficial owners in the papers, Italian Xhuzepe Ciafaglione, wanted by the Special Prosecutor's Office for the incinerator affair, has left.

Instead, a Swiss-based company called 'ICARE Energy SA' has been registered as the beneficial owner in the parent company of the Sharra landfill, 'Geogenix BV'.

This new beneficial owner, in October 2022, has created a subsidiary of its own in Albania, called 'ICARE Energji', reports Syri.net.

Its ultimate owners are some Swiss citizens. Meanwhile, the administrator in its branch in Albania is Marigona Metaj, while Blerim Hoxha is one of the members of the supervisory council.

Metaj and Hoxha, both with Kosovar citizenship, appear at different times as managers or representatives in the company 'Tosk Energy', which administers the oil refinery of Ballshi.

'Tosk Energy' bought the Ballsh refinery in 2016, through a financial aid from the Swiss company 'Gunvor'.

The company 'Gunvor' was founded in 2004 by a Russian oligarch close to Putin, Gennady Timochenko. Timochenko was sanctioned by the US Department of State in 2014 and he left the company 'Gunvor', before they started financial operations in Albania.

The company "Gunvor" has publicly stated that, after Timochenko's departure, it has no connection with Russian interests.

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