The trouble of Irfan and Carlo Bollino!

2023-11-30 14:51:00, Editorial CNA
The trouble of Irfan and Carlo Bollino!
Carlo Bollino and Irfan Hysenbelliu

Berisha's opposition and the former prime minister himself have for some time begun to report with documents government decisions or benefits related to the publisher Carlo Bollino.

Publications made by CNA some time ago, as well as the benefits received by it from incinerators from subcontracting with ANA or other benefits given by the Albanian government.

After the CNA publications, the opposition reacted, albeit late, but yesterday "Syri TV" released a new show, "Plug", where it focused on the "Report TV" building.

An investigation carried out by the journalists of "Syr", which unraveled the scheme of how Bollino had benefited.

These belong to media denunciations. Someone has his point of view, the prime minister himself called it normal, the opposition disputes it and so on.

What stood out is the fact that while a property taken by Carlo Bollino is contested, which has already had reactions, there have been protests, writings, as we pointed out above, from CNA, but many others remained silent. Every now and then Lulzim Basha issued a tender or a denunciation of Carlo Bollino and then remained silent.

In fact, everything Carlo Bollino had done, from opposition journalists, from her voices appearing on the screens, tried to join what is happening to the publisher Irfan Hysenbelliu, this other businessman, beneficiary of millions of euros from the state budget.


There is no equal sign between Carlo Bollino and Irfan Hysnebelli, but it cannot be either Carlo as Irfan or Irfan as Carlo.

They are different, but in the end they are both beneficiaries of Albanian taxes and the state budget and users of public property.

The trouble of Irfan and Carlo Bollino!

Irfan Hysenbelliu, that the media and opposition voices are worried about what is happening to him, is a businessman, who has used and taken public property endlessly, to say the least, who has not paid taxes and has waged war against state institutions Albanian, towards taxes, customs and ministers simply and only for his corrupt and clientelistic interests.

From the building where "News 24" is located today, from the building where "Luarasi" University is located today, the former dormitory of foreign languages ??and the University of Tirana has no auditorium, while the public property was given to Irfan by Edi Rama and his government.

Just as Carlo Bollino was given 4 or 5 thousand square meters dedicated for the school, the ready-made school, its dormitory was given to Irfan.

But the opposition journalists lament the plight of Irfan and say that it is being given to Carlo and taken away from Irfan.

In fact, this is where they get confused. They are not different. Moreover, Carlo is even more dignified because he has always been consistent in his attitudes, a supporter of the Socialist Party, he has been a leftist, a supporter of Edi Rama, an open renaissance, an opponent of Berisha and others like that.

The trouble of Irfan and Carlo Bollino!

While Irfan Hysenbelliu, when Berisha was in power, he licked Sali Berisha and attacked any minister or director for his corrupt interests.

We recall here the debate with Sokol Olldash about the unauthorized constructions of Irfani Hysenbelli.

When Rilindja came to power, he did everything for Edi Rama to be at the head of the government together with Ilir Meta, as he was held by Edi Rama's former partner, his main collaborator, the man who brought Ilir Meta to power, his scoundrel under his armpit and squeezed him tightly and Irfan benefited from all four sides.

The trouble of Irfan and Carlo Bollino!

Let's not forget that Irfani ate and drank with Prime Minister Rama at his resorts, which Irfani had not paid the taxes to, the permit had not been cleared and they collapsed.

The trouble of Irfan and Carlo Bollino!

Without speaking on the other hand, someone is worried that the state has asked to vacate some offices that Irfani took and used. They should definitely be released.

To return to the state what belongs to the state.

If they are not Irfan's, but the state's, they should take the institutions and go where they need to go.

Just as the building of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the dormitory, should also be taken. Just like the Carlo Bollino building can be taken tomorrow.

The state cannot forgive the televisions for its mistakes. Things that go against the public interest. They take public property and return it to the detriment of the public interest, because they develop pro-government propaganda.

Carlo Bollino shouts how happy we live in Albania, how good police we have, how many beautiful incinerators we have, when the police are incriminated, the incinerators do not exist, there are hundreds of millions of euros of abuse and the government is calling the shots.

On the other hand, Irfani once tells us that we love Rama in power, how good Edi Rama is, for four years he called and shouted how good the prime minister was, he raises a flag for Erion Veliaj. They scream and shout how good the mayor of Tirana is, now Rama has turned out to be our enemy because he didn't please him or ask him to pay taxes.

So the properties that benefit Carlo, the Irfans and their friends who belong to the public do not go to the interest of the public, but go to the interest of the propaganda of the power and the interest of the propaganda of the power is to lie, to deceive the public opinion and its interests to be deformed. This happens all the time.

It is enough to look at how Irfani and his people dance in the editorial line, while as for Carlo Bollino, you have nothing to say about that, he has never been in favor of Berisha and the right.

He was always on the left, always against Berisha, always with Edi Rama, and he can be called much more dignified than Irfan Hysenbelliu, who now want to protect his former journalists, who he sheltered, disgusting serviles who shouted for Rama's power and Rilidnje, who have now become opposition voices and cry about Irfan's debts and why Irfan is leaving the state buildings.

There cannot be two standards. The standard is one. And another problem that of Carlo with a legal problem and another legal problem and this problem of Irfan.

Both have one thing in common. They have taken public properties, which should serve the public interest when they are used, and in fact, from both sides, they have never served the public interest, but the interest of Irfan or Carlo as businessmen and the interests they have with the government . / CNA


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