The alignment that the opposition needs

2023-11-28 21:04:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE

The alignment that the opposition needs

A decade in the opposition! Turbid waters for the Democratic Party and the opposition, and its symbol continues to be Salianjizimi.

Not this one as an individual, since as an individual he is a palazzo and a political charlatan, he is a worthless clown, inflated by the universities of Henri Çili and the servility of Lulzim Basha. The man who got angry and violated the democrats, suffocated them with tear gas, the man who just lost.

He betrayed Lulzim Basha, he also betrayed Sali Berisha, then he got back with Lulzim Basha, he went out with Sali Berisha again, and this should be treated as a phenomenon, Salianjization.

Therefore, the DP can stay not long, but very long in the opposition. No matter how much Berisha tries to raise it with causes, its Salianization is simply the appearance of individuals in the media behaving like political clowns and doing nothing, on the contrary, giving more consequences.

Salianji is one of the screenwriters of the Babale file, a file which, if we are talking about captured and controlled justice, has remained a hostage in the Appeal and no one is talking about it.

The alignment of the opposition is not only about the hurri, it is an aspect, where a deputy of the Democratic Party took the hurri in his hand and rushed to the members of his party to protect a corrupt leader, sold in Pazar with Edi Rama, as Sali Berisha says.

The alignment that the opposition needs

This chairman later had the Salians. Now the doctor and others think that the most important thing is to unite the opposition in a federation or in a group where the Salians also have their place.

Yes, of course! But these are the Salians who have cost the opposition these 10 years to stay where it is, to go to the corner. They gave the losses. They could not get one more vote than in 2013, when the Democratic Party was in the opposition.

It's been 10 years, they've had 2 or 3 mandates as deputies who receive salaries from taxpayers, receive salaries from the votes of the democrats, and what has its Salianization given to PD?

Some media outlets when he seems to be strong and parallel to them erotic videos in office as a member of Parliament and the Babale file? What about the DP members? Cursing? Insult? The image of tarzanization?

Do you say that politics is a jungle of characters who, stepping out onto the asphalt of the opposition and its media space, have forgotten the mud they have on their shoulders, that also soiled their face full of botox or cured after the advice that comes from fever , which go parallel to the Salianization of the opposition, which has led the latter to where the qamet calls.

And this is not a little, the phenomenon continues and the consequences will be many.

Although the government has a thousand and one scandals, affairs and endless issues, the Albanians do not support it, not because only Rama steals from you, but because its Salianization is a bad omen, because the Albanians cannot be mocked by anyone and send them to their crucifixion, since the political prostitution of prostitutes and bazaars, as with Basha, Berisha or the Government, is not hope and future, but failure, a catastrophe and a hopeless path./ CNA

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