Mireli's tax collectors cannot hide the 170 million euros of incinerators

2023-09-17 16:52:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE
Mireli's tax collectors cannot hide the 170 million euros of incinerators
Mirel Mërtiri, the "brain" of the incinerators

There are 170 million euros taken by fraud, theft and abuse from the taxes of poor citizens for incinerators that do not work, that have not been completed and that do not exist.

There are 170 million euros where in a few years a structured criminal group, a bunch of bandits and fraudsters brought an entire state around, stealing and abusing large sums.

Fraud is a fait accompli, SPAK has filed charges. In Elbasan, there is an incinerator that, although new, is under repair. In Fier the incinerator has not been completed and in Tirana it does not exist.

The story begins with Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugalljan. SPAK also investigated the former deputy minister, Arben Ahmetaj. He took the former Minister of the Environment Lefter Koka and other officials behind bars, including the former general secretary Alqi Blako.

Mireli's tax collectors cannot hide the 170 million euros of incinerators
Stela Gugallja, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri

For a long time, they all want to cover up, create a smokestack. Is "Tigri" the owner or is Mireli the owner, is Ahmetaj the owner or is Klodian Zoto the owner?

They knew how to take them or wanted to keep them. In fact, all this is just the propaganda smoke of a media group that is an accomplice to the crime of the incinerators. Individuals, who have been proven with documents and facts that have received money, serve the crime of incinerators.

The partners who start from "Top Channel" go to the fines accused by this television that already has them inside like Endrit Habilaj, go to other individuals who have been used to raise false accusations in SPAK, or to distort the investigations and that in propagandistically seek to hide the truth of the incinerators until the end.

They seek to hide the truth by playing with owners is it this or is it that.

In fact, the problem now with the incinerators is not who the owners are. SPAK has identified those responsible. The play on words is this or is it already has no value.

What Albanians want to know is where did the 170 million euros of incinerators go? Where did the money go?

In Elbasan there is an incinerator but it is not working, in Fier it is not finished yet. These are about 60 million euros. There are 110 million euros in Tirana, others, circulated by the incinerator companies from which the media were paid.

They have been paid, bought and used as a cauldron, as scum that is simply not the media, but are sewers of corruption that shamefully serve a corrupt affair, its protection and the protection of those who received these tens of millions euros by committing fiscal evasion and fraud of the Albanian state and doing this to pay television stations and journalists.

In fact, the affair of the incinerators for those who think that it is already closed, will be passed with light charges and others like these, it is simply and only a beautiful dream as there are still documents, facts and evidence that will be published days later days until the moment when the investigation will be brought to the end and we will get all the answers.

Both the media, and their fines, and those who cry tears for "Tiger", for Mirel, for Klodi, for Stella and all kinds of fraudsters and thieves who have responsibility before the law, before SPAK and who must understand that the truth is one and only one and they cannot hide or manipulate a group of thieves with or without boots, raped or bought, raped or abused who seek to put pressure on the institutions of justice to go to the bottom of the truth of incinerators.

Now there is no name, but SPAK must find: Where did the 170 million euros of incinerators go?

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SPAK tell us, WHO?

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