Who received the 170 million euros of INCINERATORS?

2023-09-15 15:29:00, Editorial REDAKSIONALE

Who received the 170 million euros of INCINERATORS?

The Albanian government and private business have paid about 170 million euros for three incinerators. One that does not work, supposedly overhauled, the other is not finished and the third that does not exist.

SPAK has discovered fraud, theft, corruption, etc., etc., where the three main names are Mirel Mërtiri ("brain" of the incinerators), Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugallja.

The government politically asked to close the issue of incinerators with Arben Ahmetaj, former deputy prime minister. This is where Mërtiri entered the scheme with his cooperation with "Top Channel", where he had a partnership with some media and journalists that he paid and continues to pay. These media, unlike others, emphasized Zoto and Ahmetaj but forgot Mërtir, whom SPAK called the "brain" of fraud, corruption and theft scenarios.

Let's accept the "truth" of those paid by Mirel Mërtiri, who are unwittingly digging their boss deeper, not only with what they write, these are already part of the data in the SPAK file and the investigations that continue by the officers of BKH.

According to "Top Channel" and the media paid by Mireli who are afraid to mention the main name of the affair is Arben Ahmetaj, he did it all, in collaboration with whom? And where did the money go?

Who took them? Where did 170 million euros of income end up in a few years, when total investments are less than half?

Another question arises along the way, Elbasan and Fieri are facilities in condition where almost 60 million euros have been invested, even though they are not working.

Tirana is a 110 million euro pit that, according to the company, only has one investment of 20-30 million euros questionable made and the rest is not known where it went, what was done with this money? Where did almost 80 million euros go in almost 60 years?

Without talking about the fact that SPAK has not yet received and united the issues, turning the issue of incinerators into a structured criminal group that has committed major frauds against the Albanian state. Since they are the same individuals in Elbasan, Fier and Tirana.

An organized criminal group that has defrauded the state with non-working incinerators, unfinished incinerators and non-existent incinerators. There is noise, they want alibis, covers, attacks on journalists, but no one sticks to the essence.

Who received the 170 million euros of INCINERATORS?
Photo montage - Stela Gugallja, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri

Where did the 80 million euros of income in the Tirana landfill go and how efficient was the investment of around 60 million euros in Elbasan and Fier?

They are the same names, they are the same people. No one has yet answered where tens of millions of euros of Albanian taxpayers and Albanian business have gone.

They want to spend it with noise, quarrels and arguments, but SPAK and the investigation must dismantle the criminal group of incinerators until the moment when the last penny stolen from the pockets of Albanians is found, which has gone to corrupt politicians and officials, as well as in the media and its corrupt structures and justice./ CNA

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SPAK tell us, WHO?

The issue of the incinerators is turning more and more...

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