The affair of the incinerators goes all the way to the representatives of the Russian companies in Albania

2023-11-26 15:45:00, Denoncim CNA

The affair of the incinerators goes all the way to the representatives of the

The scheme of the incinerators has started to become even clearer, more details are revealed and individuals and connections are revealed that go up to representatives or managers, who have been collaborators with Russian companies, which have exercised the activity in Tirana.

After the publication of the news by CNA yesterday that the incinerator issue went to the oil oligarchs, we turned today to the group of opposition experts, who for several months have been processing voluminous materials related to the incinerator affair, day after day or week after week after securing the documents are taken to SPAK.

They are a group of experts, lawyers, economists, who have collected and processed several thousand pages of exclusive material, "emails", documents, communications, related to the affair of the incinerators.

Many of them have been taken to SPAK, others are still expected to be taken until the end of a full investigation to clarify the issue of the incinerator affair in every detail.

Opposition experts told CNA that the scheme is now clear. Klodian Zoto built a company in the Netherlands using two international brands, came to Albania, signed the contract, then removed the two companies which he used simply and only as a cover for names and took over the management of the Tirana incinerator hiding his name in a shell company in the Netherlands.

The affair of the incinerators goes all the way to the representatives of the
Photomontage - Klodian Zoto, in the background the incinerator of Tirana

In fact, the main person of its management has remained Mirel Mërtiri, who maintains the main contacts with his people as an administrator in the Netherlands, or what he had in Tirana or with the other contract that is being developed in Zimbabwe or with various investments that he has attempted to develop around the world to Baghdad or elsewhere. According to experts, Mertiri also has strong media connections and has paid millions of euros for their support, also still paying some media and journalists in Tirana, using them for attacks and blackmail against SPAK and judges who have the case of incinerators under investigation or trial .

According to opposition experts, the scheme is now clear, the company did not have the money to carry out the 128 million euro investment. "Geogenix" did not have these amounts at that time. The names of foreign companies were used simply and only to fulfill some criteria that were required to sign the contract with the Albanian government, the documents were completed, there was no money.

It was attempted to use the same scheme as in the Elbasan or Fier incinerator where a contract was signed, but there was a difference, in this case we have a concession for 30 years, while in Elbasan and Fier there were 2 public investments made with state money that began to be paid 6 months after the contract was signed, experts told CNA.

In the case of Tirana, the contract for 30 years is about 1 billion euros and this has already been estimated by experts, it is not only the estimates of 300 million euros that the state gives in 30 years from the state budget and about 130 million euros that it would invest the company from its income or funds declared in the contract. The amount is very large, this with a simple calculation.

In the last 3 or 4 years, the company declared a turnover of at least 25 million euros per year without going further to the growing income it had, which came mainly from the management of the Tirana landfill, not only from government sources, but and from private income. Here is added the amount of municipalities such as Durrësi, Kavaja, Kamza or other municipalities that will join the landfill of Tirana and not create a great value of money.

The affair of the incinerators goes all the way to the representatives of the
Mirel Mertiri

According to opposition experts, in addition to the scheme costing 1 billion dollars, in 30 years there is a corrupt affair that stretches its tentacles like an octopus and has made Mirel Mërtiri financially unable to invest in the Tirana incinerator, sell the company's shares, despite that they had a large income because they could not secure financing.

The government has been in the game almost totally in sync with the incinerator people, that's for a fact. A provisional license has been granted and the final license has been delayed for 2 or 3 years to give the company time to find financing.

The company received some small loans from second-tier banks in Albania, but was never able to secure the large financing, and that's when the solution was found. It is done with the condition of the shares by finding dormant shareholders, who provide the investment, use the landfill of Tirana for a period of 9 years and then return the shares again to the citizen Mirel Mërtiri, who had transferred them in the name of the citizen Giuseppe Ciaffaglione .

In fact, the company in the Netherlands did not circulate money or large amounts entering or leaving the incinerators, as everything was done by the administrators established by Mirel Mërtiri in Tirana or companies in Bulgaria and Malta. Ciaffaglione was just a name on the register.

The affair of the incinerators goes all the way to the representatives of the
Giuseppe Ciaffaglione, Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri at the Tirana landfill

Finding dormant shareholders provided 100 million euros for the investment, of which around 25 million would be received as a "fee", i.e. as a reward from those who would provide this loan. CNA published this yesterday in an exclusive document.

The affair of the incinerators goes all the way to the representatives of the

Also, the sale of shares has led to the entry of two companies, one Swiss and one Italian. According to the opposition experts from the document that was published yesterday by CNA, it is ensured once again that the two people who were at the meeting held in September 2020 were Christophe Darbord and Blerim Hoxha, these two people according to the opposition experts were even more first present in Albania, they have opened different companies and have been active in Armo.

The affair of the incinerators goes all the way to the representatives of the

At that time they took ARMO into use, it is said that there were connections with Russian oligarchs, but also with Albanian oil bosses, who were the people who cooperated with these people, who took ARMO into use around 7 or 8 Years ago.

Opposition experts point out that the scheme is already clear as shown above, but they are looking at all the details of who were the people who directed Mirel Mërtir to the Swiss and Italian company, who are the state officials involved in these negotiations that have made the appearance of some suspicious individuals for their financial ties and collaborations they have had with Russia or their activities they have exercised in Tirana./ CN A

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