The investigation of the employment spider in the administration/ SPAK Prosecutor denies the conflict of interest

2023-11-12 14:55:00, Denoncim CNA
The investigation of the employment spider in the administration/ SPAK
Photomontage - Arben Kraja, SPAK and the Municipality of Tirana in the background

CNA has conducted a thorough investigation into prosecutors, judges and people who passed the vetting as part of the Justice Reform.

The investigation is focused on their possible conflicts of interest, in relation to investigations or court decisions, due to the connections that prosecutors or judges and their relatives may have with the persons being investigated or judged.

According to the data provided by CNA, it appears that many prosecutors and judges have sheltered their family members, in very important positions in state institutions, municipalities, ministries, etc. The municipality of Tirana has the largest number.

These employments put the people of justice in a doubtful position with their duty.


Many state institutions and superiors of family members of prosecutors or judges should be investigated or tried. This is where the spider web of strong connections and influences within the justice system begins and works.

One of the strongest ways is family ties. CNA has conducted a full investigation and we are starting with one of the most important prosecutors in the country, the former head of SPAK and one of the prosecutors of this institution, Mr. Arben Kraja.

The investigation of the employment spider in the administration/ SPAK
Former head of SPAK, Arben Kraja


According to data provided by CNA, Arben Kraja, born in 1964, born in Shkodër, has a sister, whose name is Afërdita.

Entela Lleshi - Kruja and Edlir Kruja are the children of Arben Kraja's sister, Afërdita.

According to data provided by CNA and a group of journalists who have investigated family ties for people in the justice system, it turns out that the niece and nephew of SPAK prosecutor Arben Kraja are employed or have worked in the Municipality of Tirana.

According to official data, it turns out that Entela Lleshi-Kruja, the granddaughter of Mr. Arben Kraja, is an employee of the municipality of Tirana as a person in charge in the public procurement sector, under the authority of citizen Taulant Tushe. The latter reported and under investigation by SPAK, in several cases.

Citizen Edlir Kruja, from the official data, turns out to have been a lawyer at the General Directorate of Roads and Public Lighting, an institution subordinate to the Municipality of Tirana.


Regarding these two facts and the possible connections of a spider of employment in the state, investigations and influences on justice, or conflict of interest from people in the justice system, CNA addressed several questions to the former head of SPAK, the current prosecutor , Mr. Arben Kraja.

After clarifying to Prosecutor Kraja that we had conducted an investigation regarding prosecutors, the employment of their relatives in the state and cases of conflict of interest, we asked him some questions to be more clear and with the voice of all parties in the case. this investigation and publication.

We asked Mr. Kraja, were Entela Lleshi - Kruja and Mr. Edlir Kruja his niece and nephew?

Mr. Kraja in his answer did not deny them and emphasized that " Yes, both of these people are my nephew and niece".

The investigation of the employment spider in the administration/ SPAK
Former head of SPAK, Arben Kraja

To our question that he was in a conflict of interest, since these people worked or are working in the Municipality of Tirana and during the time that Arben Kraja was the head of SPAK, or now as part of the investigation of the Tirana incinerator, he answered that " there is no conflict of interest" .

According to Mr. Kraja, Entela Kruja, his granddaughter, was employed at the Municipality of Tirana before he became the prosecutor of SPAK, or head of this institution, and to his knowledge, Edliri had worked at the Municipality of Tirana some time ago. but he had left .

Furthermore, Arben Kraja emphasized to CNA that he was not in a conflict of interest, because he had never had any file directly related to the investigations for the Municipality of Tirana.

He emphasizes that Entela Kruja is not part of the procedures related to the Tirana incinerator, he was for a while as an assistant in the investigation of this case and then due to the workload and certain problems, he resigned from this file.

The investigation of the employment spider in the administration/ SPAK
The incinerator of Tirana

Also, Mr. Arben Kraja emphasized that there was no conflict of interest, as he had not been part of any investigation or other files related to the Municipality of Tirana, including simply and only the organizational work as head of SPAK.

Prosecutor Arben Kraja denied having a conflict of interest because of his niece, who currently works in the Municipality of Tirana, or his nephew, who worked long ago.

The investigation of the employment spider in the administration/ SPAK
Municipality of Tirana


CNA will continue to bring other reports or publications related to family members of officials of the justice system, including SPAK prosecutors, prosecutors of Tirana, prosecutors of different districts, but also judges at the highest levels. the different ones.

We are doing this investigation and we are trying to uncover a web of employments of prosecutors' relatives, since these "points" can be used to influence judicial decisions.

We may be facing pure conflicts of interest of many of the people of justice, who use their position to secure benefits with comfortable and well-paid jobs for their family members. Hiring "heads" turn into covering up corruption and abuses, closing files or investigations.

The investigation of the employment spider in the administration/ SPAK

The case of Arben Kraja is the first. Prosecutor Kraja denied the conflict of interest, emphasized that it has nothing to do with the investigations of the incinerators, emphasized that he did not conduct investigations for the municipality of Tirana and that his granddaughter, even though she worked in this institution, had nothing to do with the procedure of the incinerators , where he was involved in the investigation of the Tirana incinerator for part of the time and then resigned./ CNA

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