Berisha issues shocking messages accusing Veliaj/ Mërtiri and Zoto talk about Tirana nurseries

2023-11-10 12:13:00, Denoncim CNA

Berisha issues shocking messages accusing Veliaj/ Mërtiri and Zoto talk

The group of experts of the Democratic Party has found shocking materials that accuse the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, and show the connections of the latter with the people of the incinerators, Mirel Mërtir, Klodian Zoto, and Giuseppe Ciaffaglione.

These materials were not published during the conference with journalists by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Mërtiri and Zoto had financed the construction of a nursery school in the capital, but when the institution was inaugurated, Veliaj said that it is the work of the Municipality of Tirana.

Perhaps he appeared for the inauguration of the nursery built in Kombinat alongside Giuseppe Ciaffaglione, who was the administrator of the Tirana incinerator.

The former prime minister also published several messages, where the two heads of the incinerators, Mërtiri and Zoto, communicated that they were surprised by Veliaj's statement, who "sold" the construction of the nursery as the work of the municipality and not theirs.

Berisha issues shocking messages accusing Veliaj/ Mërtiri and Zoto talk

Excerpt from the statement:

The corruption, fraud and theft of Erion Veliaj has only the sky as the limit.

Today I have here a document where the Municipality of Tirana announces that this is the newest nursery school being built by the Municipality of Tirana.

How it was and how it will transform Lal Vjedhsi.

Here we have the inauguration of the nursery school.

The person is Ciaffaglione.

Next to Lal Vjedhasi is the famous Cafaljon of the burners, who has financed with the burner's money, Erion Veliaj's nursery and Erion Veliaj presents it as an investment of the Municipality of Tirana.

Which means how much that daycare cost, Veliaj put it in his own pocket. Because otherwise he had to say that this is a gift from Mr. Cafaljone.

On July 8, 2019, Top Channel announces - that it brings the news, that this nursery is being built in Kombinat as an investment of the Municipality of Tirana.

Berisha issues shocking messages accusing Veliaj/ Mërtiri and Zoto talk

After this news, on the WhatsApp of the mobsters, Mirel Mërtiri, identified as Mërtiri3, sends the news link and writes: What was this?

The answer is given by Klodian Zoto, identified as Zoto4.

- Did you say anything to him?

-No never.

- That's why I was surprised.

- I don't know, maybe he talked to Lali.

On September 28, 2019, on the official Instagram page of the Municipality of Tirana, a photo is published where Erion Veliaj appears at the inauguration of the garden together with the administrator of the chili, Cafaljone. Meanwhile, the municipality takes over this nursery on December 23, 2020.

So, it is clear that Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri are talking about two individuals. The truth is about the handwriting writer, Ben Blushi. Ben Blushi has two sides, never forget I've known him since week one. With one hand he writes, with the other he steals. He has this disease, born.

Berisha issues shocking messages accusing Veliaj/ Mërtiri and Zoto talk

Ben Blushi and Erion Veliaj.

And when I had told them that the quarrel with Arben Ahmetaj arose because Arben Ahmetaj tells Erion, we will take Blushi for public relations, to cover us with PR. Blushi got into the dance and the first job, kicked out Ahmetaj. Yes, these are their jobs.

Realizing that everything is controlled by Veliaj as an entrepreneur, because Veliaj is passionate about his business.

However, the SKAP of the party has these documents and some additional documents.

But the SKAP party does not dare to move a hair in the theft of the century.

On the contrary, he did an investigation, even there it was completed under the direction of Edi Rama. Starting from the fire of Elbasan, where Don Lala was as this Lefter was used, but Don Lala was saved by Millonai, who had his file.

Don Lala was represented by two people in the contracting authority and was the guarantor of the entire corrupt scheme in Elbasan. But he is not punished, others are punished.

There are other documents here, but this is only a fragment to return once again to the theft of the century, a theft that was not only not investigated properly, but was composted in the most criminal way by the SKAP of the party./ CNA

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