"The penalty is 4 million"/ The lawyer without a power of attorney makes an agreement and fines the client

2023-11-15 21:28:00, Denoncim CNA

"The penalty is 4 million"/ The lawyer without a power of attorney

Panajot Gjoni says that a year ago he was hit by an accident at Kafja e Rrema by a girl with a vehicle and risked his life.

"Being a pedestrian, I had a coffee at the neighborhood bar. When I was about to get on the sidewalk, I was run over by a car and broke my leg badly. The break was large and was an open wound. Because of the infection, I spent 16 days in the hospital until I needed the intervention. They put irons on me ," he said.

In the premises of the Trauma Hospital, Panajoti was contacted by the lawyer Ersila Abazaj, who undertook to follow the compensation procedures with the car insurance company of the author of the accident.

"At the hospital, these lawyers came to me for compensation. One of them was the lawyer Ersila Abazaj ", said the informant.

After 16 days, when Panajoti left the hospital, the lawyer sent his assistant to sign the power of attorney.

"After I got out of the hospital, I recovered, he contacted me again. Then make an appointment to meet. She sends her assistant, I can't remember her name. I take him to the location, he comes to meet me at the cafe where the accident happened" , he said.

A month later, after the lawyer was not responding, Panajoti agreed with another lawyer by revoking Ersila Abazaj's power of attorney.

Panajot Gjoni was acquitted at the trial and turned to the insurance company together with his lawyer for compensation.

But the first lawyer Ersila Abazaj, with a revoked power of attorney, had concluded an agreement on his behalf and had received compensation of 3.8 million old Lek, a ridiculous amount in relation to the damage.

"After I saw that they did not respond to me, they did not answer my phone after 1 month, I revoke the prosecutor and authorize another lawyer. We go to the company with the lawyer. The company says to the lawyer that we signed an agreement with Ersila Abazaj on 7.6.2023, while in the meantime I have canceled it since 17.6.2022. How does she run the company and make this appeal? Even more so and a lot of fun. The amount is 3 million and 800 thousand old ALL. In two days I will go into surgery again and it is very very funny. I contacted him on the phone and told him to withdraw the deed-agreement with the company because I don't know him, I don't even know his face. The lawyer says I'm fine with the law, she doesn't accept anything ," he said. 

With hidden cameras, Panajoti meets the lawyer and Ersila Abazaj makes excuses for the agreement, saying that she will pass the money.

Gjoni Panajot: The doctor took me 10 minutes ago. I'm due for surgery again.

Lawyer Ersila Abazaj: I understand. Then, in order to pass the value for compensation, I need your account details...!

Gjoni Panajot: That value for me is ridiculous. Now I know the reason why?

Lawyer Ersila Abazaj:  Yes!

Panajot Gjoni: How could you do this action, against the action I have done to you?! The revocation is done. Look at the date...! Order, take a look!

Lawyer Ersila Abazaj: But how do I know, when did you make the revocation?! You didn't notify me...

Gjoni Panajot: I have informed you and your assistant. We talked together and you put pressure on me on the phone.

Lawyer Ersila Abazaj: Tashi, mqs you don't want to and continue to write to my assistant and not to me, who is competent, who deals with your case, I will send the penalty bill, because you have no legal reason for it revoked the power of attorney, so the penalty is 400,000 new Lek or 4 million old Lek... even the lawyer, who advised him on these things, let him pay them, he doesn't have enough Lek. Ciao! You claim that I have done you an injustice... state institutions have this right, continue...!

Gjoni Panajot: Oh, I will continue, then we will end it here together.

Then Panajoti goes to the Insurance Company, where they are surprised about the revocation of the power of attorney.

Insurance Company: How are you? Ersila is a lawyer, not here from us, maybe you were represented by her, because that's how we know her as a figure...

Gjoni Panajot: This is what I wanted to say. Has he signed a contract with you...?

Insurance Company: A Deal?

Panajot Gjoni: An agreement at the same time, which I revoked a year ago. Revocation of power of attorney, the agreement is concluded, order, which has done to you. It has been revoked since 17.06.2022.

The Insurance Company: Why did it make an agreement for this case?! 07.10.2023... What about the revocation of the power of attorney...? How is it possible?! Usually the notary does a preliminary verification of the power of attorney.

Gjoni Panajot: I will prosecute him, if I don't find a solution...

Insurance Company: To the lawyer?

Gjoni Panajot: Normally to the lawyer. What do I have to do with you?!

Insurance Company: We will contact you...!

John Panajot: Ok! Thank you!

Another violation is that of the notary Valbona Sinani, who made this agreement between the lawyer and the insurance company.

Infiltrator: I want to ask you, I want to revoke a power of attorney, which I have with the lawyer! I just wanted to know, how much does it cost?

Notary Valbona Sinani: Revocation?

Infiltrator:  Yes!

Notary Valbona Sinani: Revocation, 38 thousand old Lek.

Infiltrated: And the moment it is done, it goes into the system then?

Notary Valbona Sinani: It comes out, because normally, if a notary is going to do an action, which you have left the power of attorney, he will see if it is revoked, right...

Infiltrator: So, if it gets into the system, could you please tell me how you made this deal…?

Notary Valbona Sinani: This with the Insurance Company... This did not appear in the system. You can't ask the question directly, but it comes with a twist...?!

Infiltrator: I didn't need that, I should have asked the question like that.

Notary Valbona Sinani: It appears in the system, but this case has not appeared.

Infiltrated: What does that mean?

Notary Valbona Sinani: The system was blocked. There are moments, that block, that block, that the system is blocked...

This is an alibi since there is a bar code in the notarial deed that shows that there was a system./tvklan

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