"Listen to your brother, sometimes unintentionally"/ The doctor sells wholesale methadone

2023-11-14 21:50:20, Denoncim CNA

"Listen to your brother, sometimes unintentionally"/ The doctor sells

Today, the show "Stop" dealt with the case of a whistleblower who was denied the methadone he needed. Doctor Endri Mandro does not give him this necessary medicine.

"Stop" showed how, with the help of money, Dr. Lulzim Banushaj, a name heard before in the investigative show, gave a prescription.

And when it seems that everything ends here, doctor Mandro also asks for money. The latter gives methadone illegally.

The infiltrator: The doctor gave me this (prescription), this Banushi... If he does the papers for me, will you give me a little more?

Doctor Endri Mandro:  No, I can't give more!

The Infiltrator: How about doing the cards for me, man!

Doctor Endri Mandro:  I have a brother, I will give you what he wrote to me!

Infiltrator: Yes, 30 or 40, than he wrote...

Doctor Endri Mandro:  I'll give you... let him make the papers for you. (he quickly puts 2000 Lek in his pocket with the other hand) 

Infiltrator: Give me a little more, how about it!

Even in Berat, the situation of selling methadone to escape drug addiction seems equally problematic.

Doctor Fatmir Spahiu gives methadone in cash, even selling it in bulk to certain people, who then resell it.

The infiltrator: 20, 30... Read it alone... Don't let anyone notice us... You have 30 there, do you hear? You have 30 there, let's see exactly! (to benefit more quantity)

Fatmir Spahiu, doctor:  Listen to your brother, because sometimes unintentionally...

Infiltrator:  I'm not talking to you.

Fatmir Spahiu, doctor:  Why do you do it to me? Have a good time!

We have met the doctor in question, but also a person, in whose house methadone is found in large quantities and is sold to other "needs".

Patient: Do you mean that glass that he (the doctor) is holding over there at the table? Of the big ones.

Infiltrator: How much, did you take too much?

Patient: Well, brother, two of the big ones. I have two bins. That coffee, he told me, because your mother told me. What do you say, I said. It is your duty to give it to me! You have two years, he said, without coming. Here, with Gjergji in cooperation. He will film when he gives it to Gjergji. He gives everything to George.

The infiltrator:  Our money!

Patient: Give me that 1000 Lek, brother!/ tvklan

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