From Braho to Mara and Nakuçi/ Journalist: Here are the prosecutors who employed family members in the administration

2023-11-13 18:32:00, Denoncim CNA
From Braho to Mara and Nakuçi/ Journalist: Here are the prosecutors who
Journalist Elvi Fundo

CNA has launched an investigation into prosecutors and judges who have employed their family members in Albanian state institutions and may have a conflict of interest with the files they investigate.

Triggered by this investigation, the journalist Elvi Fundo has revealed the names of some of the prosecutors who have employed their family members in the administration.

Fundo mentioned Vladimir Mara and Eneid Nakuçi and Klodian Braho. The latter, according to him, employed his wife in the Municipality of Tirana.

"Mr. Klodian Braho's wife is employed in the Municipality of Tirana, we have sent the questions to Mr. Braho, but he has not answered us yet. Or other prosecutors like Vladimir Mara, Eneid Nakuçi. Judges, who turn out to have their family members, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces employed in Albanian state institutions. So, we have all the prosecutors whose family members are employed, but not in cases where they have conflicts of interest", he said in a connection with Sonila Meçon.

Further, the journalist stopped at Braho, where he stated that there could be a possible conflict of interest in the matter of the tower of the "Arlis" company in the center of Tirana with 7 floors without permission.

Also, he cast doubt on the investigations made by Klodian Braho about the Elbasan incinerator.

"What I want to emphasize is the fact that even with the prosecutor Klodian Braho, we have sent the questions regarding a possible conflict of interest today. To my knowledge, it is also related to that large building in the center of the capital, that no one saw that it was building 7 floors without a permit, although it was 30-40 floors from 'Arles Construction'. There is also a purchased object.

But also on the other hand with the fact that it should be Klodian Braho, who should investigate these directors of the municipality, Mariglen Qaton, Taulant Tushen and others. There is also a prosecutor at the Elbasan incinerator, but as we have seen, the investigation for me has been quite slow and the people of the incinerators have been aware of the investigation. Everyone ran away," Fundo underlined./ CNA

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