"To q* me with the whole institution, what a police officer"/ The doctor sells methadone handily

2023-11-14 21:21:00, Denoncim CNA

"To q* me with the whole institution, what a police officer"/ The

A former drug user who for several years has been treated with methadone, a drug that suppresses the desire for drugs, complains that the toxicologist Endri Mandro in Fier does not give him the methadone he is obliged to give him once a week.

According to the whistleblower, since the latter complained to the institutions that the doctor in question sells methadone, he got angry and stopped giving it to him.

"You don't give me the medicine that belongs to me. It is the anti-addiction drug methadone. The doctor now does not give me what he should give me, which is due to me by law and for free, but asks for money. I complained some time ago because he sold in large quantities and I complained to the relevant institutions. Endri is called the doctor. We have it free every week, every Monday and Monday to Monday and we have it free from the state. In the months of July, in the months of Behar, these last 6 months, he had medicine and he did not give me the medicine in several weeks because I did not offer him money. The therapy that he did not offer me, I received from other friends. I mean, where do my friends get their medicine? They take it, I don't take it."

Through the hidden camera of our show, not only doctor Mandro, but also another toxicologist in Fier issue a prescription against a bribe.

The whistleblower says that doctor Mandro behaves arrogantly, grabbing him by the throat and cursing and threatening him.

"With me, he behaves very arrogantly, full of pressure, grabs me by the throat, is very aggressive, vents. I felt like a trash can, like a piece of garbage that someone trampled underfoot," said the whistleblower.  

Through an audio, it is proven that this doctor, in addition to having no professional ethics, uses derogatory language towards the patient.

Patient:  I'll take the medicine and wait for you, brother.

Doctor Endri Mandro : I can't measure my head!

Patient:  Will you give me the medicine?

Doctor Endri Mandro : No! Complain wherever you want!

Doctor Endri Mandro : Go outside! Where am I for the citizens! I don't want to know about the citizens! This is the "lebaxhi", who tells me, that I dilute it (methadone) with water, I give water to you and to anyone! You don't know me well!

Patient:  I will call the police now...

Doctor Endri Mandro : Hey police officer, I'll make you drink here, where you are!

Patient:  Don't take advantage of being here in the institution!

Doctor Endri Mandro : To me with the whole institution! What therapy! Who are you talking about?

Patient:  Do you want me to lie on the ground (beg you)?

Doctor Endri Mandro : Lie down on the floor?

Patient:  You offended me.

Doctor Endri Mandro : Oh, I'm insulting you again, oh, I'm insulting you again!

When he complained to the Director of the Fier Local Health Care Unit, Arbër Arapi, the latter also put pressure on him.

"This director is Arbër Arapi and he is directly responsible for the medicine we receive. This doctor says that if you behave well, we will behave well. It puts pressure on me with cotton that is. If I complain above and beyond, the worse you will feel and you tell me, you understand. As soon as I leave the institution that I filed the complaint directly, he is notified on the phone," said the whistleblower.

Arbër Arapi, director of the Fier Public Security Agency : It depends, how you behave. At the moment, when you behave in vain, we will normally act with ours.

Patient:  What if he insults me during work hours and in front of people?

Arbër Arapi, director of the Fier Public Security Agency : Why did this part affect you in the eyes of the people? If you continue to behave correctly, you will receive the amount on the appointed day and time. But, well, if you behave correctly. If you don't behave correctly, things change.

To get methadone, a recommendation from doctor Lulzim Banushaj is needed, since our infiltrator is not registered. Doctor Banushaj gives him a prescription for a three-day supply, in exchange for 2000 lek, without visiting him at all.

This name is known in "Stop". It is about the case when the doctors in Fier beat the son of a patient, among them Banushaj.

Doctor Lulzim Banushaj : You have to do an analysis! It cannot be done without analysis. Even if you are not my brother, what can I say to you, even my executioner, if you take my head off, I can't give it. No, no, it's impossible! It is indisputable!

I inflirt uari : Yes, you will drink a coffee!

Doctor Lulzim Banushaj : Now, leave it, I don't want anything! I don't want anything, I'm sitting now! I mean, like this... It's not done... It's not a matter of leku, it's a matter of.../tvklan

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