Another SPAK prosecutor facing a conflict of interest / Klodian Braho, the man who investigated the incinerators and the connections leading to the business

2023-11-15 18:00:00, Denoncim CNA
Another SPAK prosecutor facing a conflict of interest / Klodian Braho, the man
Municipality of Tirana and Klodian Braho

CNA has started the publication of a full investigation regarding the conflict of interest or employments that may have been carried out by prosecutors, judges from SPAK to GJKKO or prosecutors' offices and district courts, employments carried out in public institutions, which in fact prosecutors should investigate or the judges should decide.

The issue?

How do the tentacles of an octopus of interests extend, where someone hires family members, spouse, nephew, niece from the state to the private sector? We always speak in cases of direct connections or illegal influence.

There is no question that the family members of judges and prosecutors must also work, they can be quite talented and capable people, but not where there is a conflict of interest and job exchanges cannot be used as a way to close corruption files or scandals and affairs of various kinds.

Arben Kraja from Tirana Municipality to the incinerators

Another SPAK prosecutor facing a conflict of interest / Klodian Braho, the man
Former head of SPAK, Arben Kraja

We first published a material about the former head of SPAK, who declared to CNA that he did not have a conflict of interest with the Municipality of Tirana, after we asked him about the investigations of the capital's incinerator, which in fact he did not exists, where Kraja himself was the prosecutor of the case. He stated that his nephew had worked in the Municipality of Tirana, but was no longer in that institution and his niece had been in charge of the municipality for some time.

For his reason, the load, etc. Mr. Kraja said that there was no conflict of interest, as he had resigned from the investigations for the Tirana incinerator.

Klodian Braho's connections and conflict of interest

Another SPAK prosecutor facing a conflict of interest / Klodian Braho, the man
Prosecutor Klodian Braho

Today we are bringing another case for one of the much talked about prosecutors, Klodian Braho.

The latter has been severely attacked by the media of the people of the incinerators and their finers, including "Top Channel". Media paid by the people of the incinerators for direct attacks and blackmails that were made to this prosecutor and others to divert the investigations or to go towards a goal, to save the citizen Mirel Mërtiri as the "brain" of the incinerators and completely change the scenario of this matter.

The incinerators paid for the attacks on the prosecutor

In fact, the issue of incinerators was divided by a structured criminal group, everything has collapsed into several pieces, which were slowly investigated, and the journalist Klodiana Lala, in a public statement on Blendi Fevzi's "Opinion" show, said that the issue it is destroyed by tearing it apart.

Tirana separately, Elbasan and Fieri separately, taking the same people, Alqi Bllakon, Lefter Kokë, Klodian Zoton, Stela Gugalljan, Mirel Mërtir and even former deputy prime minister Arben Ahmetaj, who was investigated by a fraction of the files of incinerators.

Braho, business and Tirana Municipality

Another SPAK prosecutor facing a conflict of interest / Klodian Braho, the man
Municipality of Tirana

Klodian Braho is one of the most talked about prosecutors, his name became very famous for his connections with businessmen and other direct or indirect connections leading to the interests of the Municipality of Tirana.

According to the data that CNA provided, it turns out that his wife, Ariola Braho, was employed in the Municipality of Tirana as a senior specialist, these positions for interests related not only to the prosecutors, but also to the court.

After the data that CNA had, it was addressed to the prosecutor Klodian Braho with the question whether he had people employed in the Municipality of Tirana and was he in a conflict of interest, since there are several reports and cases for this institution where he is a prosecutor?

Until the moment this article was published, today, Wednesday, at 18:00, Mr. Braho did not respond.

We also asked the prosecutor Klodian Braho about his possible connections with businessmen or the housing of one of the much talked about companies of the businessman AL and the company A..., which has been denounced for having built 7 floors without permission in the center of Tirana and surprisingly no one from the municipality and no other public institution saw it, although already in implementation of a new law from the data that CNA provided, a large part of the surface has passed to the state.

Prosecutor Braho did not answer about the connections with his wife's employment, nor about the connections with businessmen or other family members employed in state institutions.

In fact, Braho is one of the people fiercely attacked, as we mentioned above, by the people of the incinerators, but it leaves strong shadows that he has connections that extend through business interests, employment, or personal relationships to senior directors of the Municipality of Tirana, such as the case of the legal director, Alban Dokushi, who is one of the close friends of Mr. Klodian Braho.

We will not deny friends, we will not deny family members, it is not a crime to have employed friends or family members, but when these tentacles create an octopus of control that tightens or hinders investigations to reveal the truth about various institutions, reports, cases criminal cases, which in fact in SPAK are moving at the speed of a turtle.

Another SPAK prosecutor facing a conflict of interest / Klodian Braho, the man

According to all the data, which are already public, the file of the incinerators has been around for almost 3 years, the other files of reports made to other institutions have not moved. There are dozens of direct or indirect reports made to officials of the Government or the Municipality of Tirana even during the campaign and surprisingly the files sleep or have a very slow movement.

Employment from the state to the private sector

CNA will continue to publish other data related to prosecutors or judges, who as part of the justice system, due to their duty, have sheltered their family members in state and local institutions, directly or through third parties, also in private entities, raising reasonable suspicions that they are entities created for corrupt interests.

This is due to the fact that even in private businesses, many of them, due to the tenders or funds they receive from public institutions, shelter family members of people from the justice system to use them later as a guarantee or as a protective wall or to influence in closing investigative cases and corruption scandals./ CNA

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