How the pension authorization was falsified for 15 years

2023-11-16 21:33:46, Denoncim CNA

How the pension authorization was falsified for 15 years

Regarding the issue of the pension of the late Ramazan Cullhaj, we go again to unit 6, where the chairman Adriatik Merko says that he cannot see all the people. This, according to him, is the duty of the employees.

Journalist: How does it work, so that we can come to your firm?

Adriatik Merko: Appears at the citizen reception specialist, who issues the authorization. Confirmation is obtained from the civil status, that the person is alive.

Journalist: It looks like the deceased was physically there, do you understand? He also signed in 2019, meanwhile he passed away 11 years ago, according to logic.  

Adriatik Merko: Yes, it is the specialist who verifies this documentation and appears in front of her office.

In the end, the lawyer, in a phone call with the boy, admits that he did this, but does not admit that he took the money.

Seit Çullhaj: I have a problem, my father's pension was affected. I don't know who pulls it.

Jurist: What do you say, brother? Shife, they take it...!

Seit ?ullhja: Those conversations we had together, when they told me on the phone to get their pension.

Juristi: Shif, that they have not done anything at the Post Office! I have been in England for 1 year, slave.

Since ?ullhja: 2018 to 2020, they have drawn it.

Lawyer: Go check! Go check it at the Post Office! No, I had a conversation with someone from the Post Office, you said no, and I left that conversation.

Seit ?ullhja: I can't do that. Father dead, I get your pension.

Journalist: Then Mr. Qemal, hello, I'm Odeta, journalist of the show "Stop", that is, you made this agreement with the citizens even though the citizens did not agree?

Lawyer: Please! Listen to me carefully! "He is religious", he said. I do not receive these lek. I said, "you get it, brother"! "No" he said, "I don't take them"!

For this scandal, ISSH says that it will take measures, cutting off the pension, but also forcing the post office to follow it, as a debtor.

Anila Take: From the first moment we received the notification, we set up the working group and verified the validity of withdrawing this kind of benefit. And of all these authorizations, of course these are regular, because they were issued by a state institution, although the firm is not. At the moment we see them, visually, they are correct. As a set of documentation, these were visually neat. With the announcement of the son, that Ramadan is no longer living, we have temporarily blocked the pension, in order to continue with the procedures. As soon as the official document arrives that the gentleman has passed away, we will do the permanent blocking and, of course, the debtor declaration for this amount that has been withdrawn and charging this amount to the post office, which must then continue with its share to investigate or not, how the authorizations were and how he made these payments.

The show "Stop" also addressed the central offices of the Albanian Post, where we communicated with the director of the Tirana branch, Shpat Kolgega.

Shpat Kolgega: In the documentation that we have, it appears that the documentation with which the payment was made is done, in accordance with the rules of the postal service, but also according to the agreement that we have with the Social Insurance Institute. However, the verification that we did, the payment mandates and the ID that was presented by the person in question, results that in 7 times it was an ID of the person, Mr. Seit Çullhaj, and in another case it was the same ID, but with a photo a little more different. In this case, we will file a report with the police, as a subsidiary of Tirana, seeing that there is a high probability that we may be dealing with a falsification of documents. / tvclan

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